Any bets on How much in trouble would I get if I returned all my computers when I quit my job, and I changed the OS to Ubuntu on all of them :) - For context our mandatory OS is Windows 11.

5 years ago I used my developer licence for IBM Watson to create the best chatbot I have ever made. Too bad it was useless for my work, but if I ever become a darklord I can automate my magic.

I don't know how to top the fact that I'm accused of potentially causing WW3.

LinkedIn is like Facebook was a few years ago, Facebook is like Twitter was a few years ago, Twitter has become 4Chan and Instagram has become TikTok. And here we are, looking at all of them knowing they will join MSN Messenger soon.

"why does every room I enter, have a bad vibe!!!" - Thomas Erikson

To avoid a divorce and head aches regarding parenting, before you and your partner have children, you need to sit down, and have that difficult conversation: should our child join the Horde or the Alliance

The best thing about switching from clinical practice to IT was there was less diet talk at lunch. I still have this one in mind and it makes me laugh every time I see it.

It bothers me profoundly that national couple's day is 18/8 instead of 22/2.

Our work computer requires that I use INTERNET EXPLORER to operate the internal document page. I hope they have digital CPR for dead web browsers

I have one of those daily quotes apps on my phone. Today it made me laugh.


100% of club visits in the 90s was trying to figure out if the sound was a song or a fire alarm.

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