Trying to explain to someone why you're buying a not fully functional smartphone with limited (comparing with android-ios) apps and 5 megapixel camera in 2020.
Not an easy task at all.

Does anyone on the Fediverse knows of a good audio editor?

I want to release Libre Lounge out but I'm stuck in a mental rut editing the audio. But if I could pay for someone to do it, it would be done faster and we'd have more episodes.

If you're an audio editor or know of one that would be willing to edit a 45-1 hour long podcast, let me know.

Boosts appreciated!

People say free software community is divided into two. So, in which one do you belong?

a) I hate Mac, but I really really hate Windows.

b) I hate Windows, but I really really hate Mac

(Boost appreciated for better result)

GNU turns 37 this month, on September 27!!

See the initial announcement, that appeard on 27th September, 1983:

I just learned about this project: - it promises USB-C PD for any legacy project

As of now my last week has been a blast.
First I used dd to my external back up HDD, then my primary ssd or its cable (inside the laptop) failed and I'm still in trouble shooting, my motorcycle battery died, both my sink and the toilet flash valve are leaking on the floor and now I have to drive 6 km to buy vegan cheese because my local supermarket stopped bringing it.
I just hope that that's all..

Anyone using #FreeBSD on a #RaspberryPI ? How can i read the CPU/GPU temp?

Everything i find is for linux and does not work.

Or the normal FreeBSD commands do not work. (sysctl -a | grep temperature)

After asking on the birdsite, I'll ask here, too (boosts appreciated):

What would you prefer as the technical base of a database/collection of Mobile Linux Apps for @PINE64 #PinePhone/ @purism #Librem5 and co.? (Planned to be a collaborative effort with one Page per App connected via categories for App types and Toolkit/Framework)? (SSG= Static Site Generator)

(Sorry that this runs only for a day, but I have time on my hands this week to get the thing started.)

I just did en mistake. Without getting in many details, I used to make a bootable usb but I dd in hard drive that I REALLY shouldn't. I realized it immediately and stopped it but the damage already happened. Before trying any random solutions that I find online and possible make things worst is there any TESTED solutions?
Any is really appreciated.

Can someone post in the forums that upgrading to latest elogind breaks parabola.. i.e., I can't login anymore.

I have an idea for a patreon like system for software devlopment.
Suppose a software takes $10,000 to develop.
Then you set a minimum amount like $100 per license.
Then once 100 people buy it, the price of the license reduces to $10,000 ÷ 101. The difference is credited to all the original buyers. So as more and more people buy it, the per license price keeps dropping and the differnce is credited to all buyers.

I'd love to see someone implement this idea. Boosts appreciated.

Someone puts a gun in your head and you have to choose between a full (no no etc) phone and .
Pick your .

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