'Stranger Things' has the best OST ever. It's set in the 80s so it is easy.

2 laptops already with i3wm. I've gotten used to using it. Everything is faster, smoother... and logic! Time to switch also on my PC. This will be the real challenge, as I also use it for work.

It's a hardware problem. I've used a new SD card with the same result :(

Well, this is the second time the same problem has occurred. There is probably something in my home infrastructure affecting the device.

Time to switch to a NAS then.

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EWMH, a tool to move windows to any monitor when using full desktops.

It's a simple and very useful script that you can use with a custom keybinding (or from the terminal) to quickly move a window to any monitor on your system.


Oh, my NAS is kaput. I still don't know if it's a hardware problem on my Raspberry Pi or a micro SD card problem. I hope my Raspberry isn't dead and it's just a matter of replacing the micro SD card.

If it's a hardware problem I'm not going to buy another Raspberry. With these high prices they are not affordable unfortunately.

GNU/Linux forums, Stack Overflow, blogs, reddit... In the end all linux problems can be solved by reading the README file or the Arch wiki.

“Transmetropolitan”: Photographer Omi Kim Explores Neon Streets Of Cyberpunk Japan designyoutrust.com/2019/03/tra

I'm not a photographer nor an enthusiast but these photos are mesmerizing. It's like living in a dystopian future.

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Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

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So I've been learning Python, once I was pretty confident with it, I moved on to C/C++. Then I learned a little bit in the cybersecurity field (mainly offensive sec).

Now I'm considering looking for a job with programming.

However it's hard to decide what to look for specifically. Most C/C++ jobs will be a pain in the ass I assume. I haven't did much research on Python jobs tho.

What should I look into?

Saving your dotfiles is the right way to share them and avoid the risk of forcing you to start over. But this also allows you to forget the meaning of that particular line of code, even if you've done your best to comment it all out.

I still remember a dozen phone numbers, but new generations don't need to. Everyone knows why.

I feel that saving my dot files gives me a lot but also takes something away.

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I put out a new episode of Veronica Explains this morning!

Newsboat: the little RSS feed reader that can really help you unplug. All terminal, easy to configure, and works like a charm!


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Dealing with polybar configuration in i3wm is not the easiest task when it comes to making all virtual desktops accessible through icons. 🙄

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@stux Most of major Chinese 🇨🇳 mastodon instances were blocked at the same time yesterday afternoon. Hundreds of thousands of China mainland users, most of which hate CCP or just want to have a place to speak freely avoiding surveillance (otherwise they won't be here), lost access to fediverse. It was an earthquake here.

For most users, Tor is rather hard and inconvenient to use. So a lot of Chinese admins are working right now to get alternative domains. CCP may want to block us, but we will try our best to break back to the world.

Stay with us.

Suddenly I'm the weird person because I don't want to be in your Instagram photo.

When I say this kind of things I always get those looks... Like I'm from Mars or something.

It's part of my right to privacy, don't you understand, Laura?

LOL! Someone edited the Spanish version of "Roland Garros tournament" on Wikipedia to add:

"It's an official tennis tournament in which 127 tennis players participate and also Rafa Nadal. The goal is to reach the final and lose it against Rafa."

I had a Windows XP pc at work as a printer server but we recently bought a new printer that works ok except for Apple devices. So I needed to share the printer with a printer server. Obviously this is not possible with XP.

The solution? GNU/Linux. And Lexmark also offers the drivers for linux!

New GNU/Linux users would never know how happy this makes me, a guy who comes from a time when this was not possible without a lot of struggle. Nowadays almost any common device works out of the box.

I've installed polybar and it has a lot of customization options.

[--Insert meme I've made a huge mistake--]

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