Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the ultra mega hyper distro-hopper 2000, now with support for more than 1000 isos

Nerd Dictation: Simple Dictation Software for Linux

If you have elderly people at home or people with reduced mobility who want to write on the computer, this tool looks fantastic.

A quick video demo:

It looks like the next changes Chrome users will see affect privacy and ad blocking addons. If these services are important to them, they will probably abandon Chrome in favor of other alternatives.

Linux Foundation Announces an Intent to Form the OpenWallet Foundation

"The mission of the OWF is to develop a secure, multi-purpose open source engine anyone can use to build interoperable wallets."

YouTube Free is Silently Testing 5 Ads, instead of 2, Before Your Video Starts

This probably doesn't matter to you since you use an ad-blocker or alternative ways to watch YT videos without ads but this is still a bad joke.

Screw YT and his whole Evil Corp gang.

One of the things I like most about using a WM on a multi-monitor computer instead of a DE is the ability to set separate workspaces to each monitor without having to install anything additional. It's just a matter of writing a couple of lines in your config. I no longer have to drag windows out of my view, I see them if I want to.

It has been a discovery that allows you to work faster and smoother.

A new tip that I have learned today:

cd -

This command will move the prompt to the last directory it was in. It can save you a few seconds a day.

Make something work in my system? Check!
Break something while you're at it? Check!
The story of my life with the penguin.

People who have so much light in their PC that it looks like an Ibiza disco, do they have their computer in their room? How they sleep? I don't get it...

Apparently the default mpd configuration doesn't work on many systems, mine included. I've spent the morning trying to get it to work with Ymuse, a GUI client for MPD.

If you're curious about the project:

MusicBrainz Picard, a cross-platform music tagger written in Python

My entire mp3 collection tagged and with official cover art in minutes. What a fantastic tool.

Oh! I didn't know that Gitlab had a dark theme available. Cool!

I've been dealing with a small but annoying CSS problem on one of my websites for months. But suddenly, something has clicked in my brain and I've solved it.

A brief moment of brilliance... Or an aneurysm. Who knows...

Edit my oh-my-zsh theme. A way like any other way to procastinate.

My new icon theme: Colloid icon theme, with its nord scheme and teal variant.

If you want to take a look:

Today I saw a friend's daughter while shooting a video for TikTok. It's such a level of ridiculousness that I feel like a moron just because I saw the scene.

I hope I never see anything like this live, because I understand that you get used to this kind of bullshit and end up finding it normal.

Well, that's enough for today. I'm going back to the cave of cantankerous grandparents.

I like Arch Linux but I don't like roller coasters. Back to the LTS kernel to avoid unforeseen errors. Now everything is fine: the distro is still fun but with the right dose of boredom that I like.

Pescaíto frito and pa amb tomàquet. Simple but amazing Spanish culinary delights. If you also enjoy a warm but pleasant late summer night, things can't get any better.

Happiness is simple for simple men.


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Going to be selling two more #corebootbook laptops locally.

Will be giving one away to a randomly drawn subscriber of my email newsletter once I reach 100 subscribers.

Aaand... My wifi card is not detected. Downgrading the kernel to make it work again for now.

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