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ok how do i get in on these hypercard shenanigans

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Tomorrow, @cancel will publish a Hypercard setup guide, and upload some images loaded and a couple of useful tools.

We were supposed to kick off on friday, but today and tomorrow is just a good time to get familiarized with the thing.

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#ShowYourWorkspace *

* comments about mess are warmly welcome under the condition that complainer comes and cleans that up 😁

I am highly intelligent but I have trouble with written expression.

I joined Mastodon because I have I have no real life tech friends.

It take a good night's sleep and concentration to write coherently.

I feel safe to express myself here even if I haven't had any sleep and I say the wrong words or put my sentences in the wrong order or make no sense at all ... no one mocks me. No one starts a flame war over a misunderstanding.

I literally can't express what that means to me.

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Team Fediverse! is getting close to 2 million points!

We will most likely reach that in the coming 24hours.

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Hey all, manitu.pirati.ca was scraping all of the followers lists for all of our users, hammering our instance pretty hard.

Check your logs for and 2a00:1828:2000:195::2 we had 2000 active TCP states when I nuked them.

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Whats the best Client for ?

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Just saw this on lobste.rs and #Fedora is a sponsor. #Libravatar is a federated avatar hosting solution. #foss #floss


#vulgar insult comedy quote 

The proper way to disagree.
1. Deescalate.
2. Give Respect First.
3 Try first to understand their point of view.
4 Don't interrupt, or plan what you will say.
4 Learn from their views without attacking them.

And if it's your turn to talk .... and they don't want to listen stop talking.

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@rysiek meet.jit.si is only one #Jitsi instance among many. Try another one github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/wi or install your own when it's overloaded. There are several good tutorials around.

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I do not like needless panic over something useless being pushed down the pipe... running paranoid is counterproductive.

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TIL This is called the "Wolverhampton Instrument for Teaching Computing from Harwell" or "WITCH". And it's the world's oldest working digital computer

I think we can all agree, it is indeed suitable for witchcraft



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I think one of the things I enjoy most of all with assembly is how beautiful it reads, it's just so elegant.

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Dear extroverts:

Quit your whinging.

We've done it your way our entire lives. You can do it our way for a few months. You'll be dominant again soon, and maybe you'll have a little more appreciation for how much work we do to tolerate you.


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A huge to thank you to @ryen for practically insisting I upload gigabytes of demo porn to video.hackers.town, and @thegibson for running the hackiest instance on fedi :hackers_town:​.

Most of all, thank you to all the sceners; past, present, *and* future. Keep bottling that lightning.

#DemoSunday OUT.

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"This term is applied to persons who are left with a persistent inability to supply the words for the very things they want to talk about-particularly the significant nouns and verbs. As a result their speech, while fluent in grammatical form and output is full of vague circumlocutions and expressions of frustration. They understand speech well, and in most cases, read adequately. Difficulty finding words is as evident in writing as in speech."

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Just shut down the party next door with the following trick:

Connect to the bluetooth-speaker that just blindly accepts any connection + text-to-speech

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