I’m playing Dying Light live on Linux! Please come by and show some support!

Posted a video on me checking out the Qtile window manager! If you want to see Linux and gaming on Linux content definitely subscribe. I’m putting out daily content during the quarantine so there will be plenty to watch!

Going to be streaming me checking out and fiddling around with the Godot Engine. I’ve used Unity and Unreal. But excited to see what the open source alternative has to offer!

So I played the new Resident Evil 3 Demo live on YouTube. Here’s the kicker, played it using proton with no extra setup on Linux. The fact that I’m going to be able to play RE: 3 on release on an operating system that isn’t supported is crazy to me!

I am going to be livestreaming again here in 45 minutes! This will be my first one since I wiped my account clean. Hope to see some new faces :D

Alrighty Mastodon don't open on my phone forever.. Reinstall fixes it 😑

Just realized I have been spelling Pop!_OS as Pop_OS!


Alright so I have spent the past day trying to find a ROM for the HTC Droid Incredible 2 (Verizon). There are plenty of them out there in the wild, but every download link doesn’t work - and I mean every single one! If anyone has 1 or more ROMS for this phone hmu. I’ll pay $5 per ROM, just pm me

I’m really disappointed that no-one has commented on my girlfriends nudes on my site,

*Sits back & smirks, just watching analytics skyrocket*

nooooo don't float silently and stare at me with sightless eyes your so sexy haha

I had an AI write a blog post / article for me. 😉️ What could go wrong? Well it spit out this masterpiece. Enjoy! 🙈️

Hey everyone, I just made my own website. I think it looks really sick, personally. It is my blog where I will post about different Linux and Game Development stuff. Please check it out, then tell me what you think! It would mean a lot to me to here your opinions, even critical ones! THANK YOU 🤗️

Alright so trying to learn to make custom packages in linux if anyone has any good resources please send them my way!

Also I am loving Mastodon 1,000x more than Twitter! 😎

Last year I published a completely self-indulgent novella-length fanfiction with a silly plot where an autistic character falls in love with another character and hijinks ensue.

Today I got my third or fourth comment on it from a parent of an autistic person thanking me for writing something that helped them understand their child, a response that I never would have anticipated.

Autistic writers: Your work matters.

So I am thinking of making a RPG game😏 . Anything in particular anyone would like from a new RPG. All suggestions very much welcomed!

everyone! I am but excited to make new friends! I just finished recreating my YouTube, where I (will 😏 ) post Linux & game dev videos.
I am currently working on an RPG game very much inspired by 'The Witch's House.'

I heard about Mastodon & Diaspora through and like Derek - am very excited to explore the alternative to Twitter/Facebook.

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