🌄Good Morning☕️ and Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone. I hope Margaritas are on the menu this afternoon. :-)

Lest we forget, while celebrating day that is also the day that Nixon's Nazi's (Ohio National Guard) stormed the campus and killed students, some of which were just walking between classes. 05/04/1970

Just joined, started to look around and get a taste of Linux.pizza, but, since it's Taco Tuesday, it'll be slow going. Followed a couple of interesting folks from both the local and federated timelines, will have to spend a little more time and add some of my own content. Mastodon looks way less crazy than Twitter and less boring than Diaspora, so, let's see how this goes.


A instance dedicated - but not limited - to people with an interest in the GNU+Linux ecosystem and/or general tech. Sysadmins to enthusiasts, creators to movielovers - Welcome!