Headache, neckache, vertigo, hungry and sleep deprivated. Weekend here I come.

Requiring to request a license key for a "free tool" by submitting personal data is questionable enough... but additionally making it required to subscribe to a newsletter / advertising e-mail is an outrageous impertinence

Did you know archive.org hosts a huge amount classic games? (e.g. 17.000+ C64 Games)

Many of them can even be played in the Webbrowser! ... like Ghostbusters:



"let's run Axiom over night because it will take ages to finish the job"


"oh... seems it got stuck at examining some c64 game image for 10hrs now.. let's check task manager for cpu load"

*screen goes black*


*hitting shift key to maybe wake up the computer*

"what the????... why are you rebooting??... effing eff!!!"

I guess today will be a "watching a progress bar slowly grow day" at work.

OK OK .. I'm at the office now! ... I was working outside.. with another department.... I did not oversleep. I repeat: I did NOT oversleep!

And everybody who says otherwise is a dirty liar!

If you own a device, you should take a look here:


Lenovo released a bunch of BIOS updates to fix numerous security flaws.

Testify at court done. No big deal. 👍

first day at court since ages. should be "fun" ..

Introduction to biometrics.... another course of my studies which sounds great but actually is only causing me toothache .. 🙄

but could also be due to the 4 hours of sleep tonight 😩

secret project... all actors still alive are with it ... airing 2023 ... 😱 😱 😱

Can we just close 2022 for good and start with 2023 pls??


The physio therapist just broke my back/neck ...
Will feel great once the pain is gone.

Bluescreen #3 today.

love you X-Ways 20.5 SR-5 😘

Home is broken. No new toots in 7 hours.

Or am I finally the last human on earth? ... a dream comes true!

funny things can be done with volatility framework

why is there no tool to match ThumbcacheIDs with windows.edb entries?? 😩

Even more monday:

getting up at 4.30am, entering office at 5.30, hitting for 1hr. the road to assist at a visit at a (let's say) 'customer' .. only to find that the guy is on vacation. Which could never _under no circumstances_ be determined by the colleagues in advance.

So here I am. Back at the office. Tired af.

Nothing makes a monday more monday as getting up at 4:30am and enter office at 5:30am...

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