1 yr ago: connecting to Gmail with @mullvadnet:

Google: " Villainous hacker! You shall not pass!"

Today after using almost the same @mullvadnet exit server for the last 12 months and connecting to Gmail WITHOUT VPN:

Google: "Villainous hacker! You shall not pass!"

Enabling VPN:

Google: "Greetings legitimate user! Come in and bring your data!"

We thought about 2 answers to this question.

If you know everything/everybody COULD be a potential source of misfortune, pain, anger - you name it - and you can't trust anything... you can either stay in bed all day and reduce interaction to a minimum to protect yourself..

or.. you don't change anything as you can't escape no matter what you try.. .and learn to deal with it.

So.. whats the better alternative? What would you do?

Boosts welcome πŸ™‚

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A Buddy today made fun of my bad luck this morning and came up with a joke which in fact had more depth than expected and we had a little talk about it:

"What if you live in a kind of 'Matrix' as your personal hell. Where some kind of 'overseer' pranks/punishes you all day to drive you mad/sad/crazy."

So.. what if this were true? What if everything and everybody would be just a tool to this 'overseer' and you know about the fact? What would you do? How would you live your life?

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What a day... can't find the charger for my ... it's not at its place at home... and not at work. Maybe some idiot at work stole it. ... no replacement in the pine-store 😞

Then I left house at 5:30am .. just to come back at 5:40am because I forgot my phone. .. no phone at home... back at the car there it was. In the bag I intensively searched just some minutes ago..

why did I even step out of bed today .. 😩

OpenXcom content 

Install done, Campaign will start in some days or maybe next week.

I'm pumped! .. Never played OpenXcom. I'm curious what's differrent to the original 😁

UFO:AI content (campaign finished) 

Didn't update my coverage of UFO:AI for a long time. (just didn't remember to create a toot here and there πŸ™ˆ ) ...

But today I've finished the campaign. It was a real struggle at the last view ingame months with a lot of base assaults and UFOs terrorizing cities.. but in the end all went well.

It's just a shame I didn't build all aircraft I researcht.

Next up: OpenXcom πŸ™‚

Testing with images at

TV evening with classic.



after a second look I noticed, that the Debian 5.0.4 on P2 is actually "Kanotix Excalibur" 😁

And Debian 7 is runnint into a kernel panic when starting 😬

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That computer is nuts. I love it 😁


P1: Swap
P2: Debian 5.0.4
P3: Mageia 4
P4: Ubuntu 14.0.4
P5: Debian 7
P6: /home and backups


P1: Linux Mint 17
P2: Swap

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Just learned about a GNU/Linux distribution called "Mageia" ....


It's installed on a computer I'm examining atm.

(Debian 5.0.4 on another partition πŸ˜… )

Something new every day.. .it never stops πŸ˜…

Just ordered 6 monitors, 8 silent mice, 6 keyboards, 12 hdmi/dp cables and 2 books... and still not satisfied πŸ˜…


so... is available for ? πŸ€”

Can't find anything about this on the interwebs. (maybe I'm just blind again πŸ™„ )

first toot from my

testing ... great experience so far 😁

My with is working again.

Letting the battery run dry did the trick. Had to reinstall InfiniTime 1.3 and the recovery though. Bootloader was still 1.0.0.

I remember a detail which I didn't toot this morning: The watch was on my table the whole weekend. Untouched. And yet the configured time was -2 hrs as it should have been. The reset then ended in the bootloop.

Strange strange..

@JF .. sorry for bugging you!

~2 weeks ago I received my (sealed) with 1.3 and I love it.

But this morning when I did a reset to pair it with the phone again (you know.. BT issues) .. it went into a bootloop:

the pine fills green but not to the top.. the last 1-2mm stay white, then reboot.

loading last firmware (blue pine) and recovery (red pine) same behavior.

waiting for the battery to drain atm. Maybe this will cure it.

Someone got another idea? Maybe @JF ?

Boosts appreciated!

some days ago when I was tooting about upgrading my laptop at work to Debian 11 and I said, I can't upgrade at home because there's no VirtualBox for Debian 11 yet.

Well, I've been just plain stupid. Of course there is! Just use the .run installer instead of a .deb package dumb@$$ πŸ™ˆ

So.. I'll run an update (maybe even a complete new installation) at home too. 😁

everything went well so far with the upgrade to

No VirtualBox support so far (as expected) ... So no upgrade at home until VB is available on

upgrading my laptop at work to .... it's always good to test before doing upgrades on important machines (my own at home πŸ˜… ).

omfg... christopherodd is doing another XCOM2 campaign! and it just started! 😱

So.. there's always ~1hr a day I'm not available for whatever until the campaign finishes πŸ˜…


forgot to put on my when I left the house for work. .. feeling naked at the wrist πŸ™„

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