It's done! Built the "tomato shelter" yesterday.

Surprisingly no important body parts were lost. Even all fingers still present!

weekend plans: upgrading nextcloud server from 6.9 to 7.1

:cancelled_1: :cancelled_2: :cancelled_3:

new weekend plans: build a "tomato shelter" for the garden.

seriously .. the only thing I can build with my hands is a new computer from hardware parts... when it comes to drilling machines, heavy tools or such.. it'll end with a fatal accident.

122104+1 records out
128035676160 bytes transferred in 13242.489 secs (9668550 bytes/sec)


..$ doas dd if=/dev/sd0c of=/mnt/pen/diskimage/220622_image_1M.dd bs=1M


I should have set bs slightly higher ..

Semester done!!! ... 2 more to go... then I'm free!! 😁

So.. that's my system I'm running for 10yrs now (see pic in replies).

I mostly do study stuff and playing Diablo2 (legacy) on it. Dual boot Win10 (although only used 2-3 times a year).

It's still fine after all the years. Only mainboard lacks of SATA6 plugs. One used by Win10, one by a data SSD. Debian running on SATA3 only.

I'm thinking about getting a new one (8core AMD CPU, 32G RAM, M.2 SSD, medium GPU (Radeon RX 6600 or 6700)) .. would sum up to ~1.300-1400€

What's your opinion?

First day of my exams weekend is over.

Cryptography exam was good... I'm sure I'll pass it.

Tomorrow then this damn presentation of my project...which acounts 20% of the grade... I hate speaking to a bunch of people...

Chicken nuggets for breakfast at the seminars catering...

Great being the only vegan here... *sigh*

So.. It's exams weekend again. The last for this Semester.

Tomorrow cryptography exam....sunday doing a presentation about a project I was working on.

Now laying in bed covered in 2 comforters in my freezing cold hotel room while there's 24 °C outside... AC just won't stop ..

So this is it.... Avoided catching covid ever since but dying of pneumonia after 2 nights in an overpriced hotel.

Vulnerability in linux kernels netfilter subsystem. Allowing privilege escalation.

more information here:

The flaw is was already patched in the sourcecode but no distribution has integrated it yet.

Workaround here (German.. but the terminal input neccessary at the pages bottom should be OK for any nationality :-) )

I'm so smart.. so smmmmmmrrrt!

Having a cup of coffee yesterday late afternoon.... resulting in me rotating in bed at night like a pulsar in space...

this will be a really hard day...

Hey , , and folks!

BSD offers file flags (chflags) which Apple uses too.

My question: where are set file flags stored? e.g. someone sets the 'hidden' flag on a file.. where in the >>filesystem<< is this information visible?

I know I can get the information about flags using a terminal, but I'm interested in where the heck this information is put to.... in APFS in particular.

boosts appreciated :-)

Formulary it was. Added it a bit cryptic...but I guess it will work.

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