Nextcloud on OpenBSD project finished. Some minor inconveniencies left but that's ok.

It took only 5 weeks or so... free time is so precious πŸ™„...

I'll bring it to productive state over the next view days/weeks.

Big thanks to @h3artbl33d for the great guide!

The moment, when your download is finished 98% and the VPN connection resets πŸ™ˆ

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Exerpt from troubleshooting instructions of commercial software:

"rm -rf ~/.config"


JFC .. received my new laptop yesterday and was excited to install but it seems impossible on this one.

ending up with a black screen after the last line

"(XEN) Xen is relinquishing VGA console"


Tried all options from .. with no success... *sigh*

someone here has some more ideas?


pls just let me die πŸ™ˆ

At least i found the time to update all apps on the phone.

So.. I've got 1 Windows box (which I barely use) .. and 2 Debian boxes (my daily drivers).

There's ESET NOD32 (don't like the free ones) on all of them and the license is about to expire. Should I renew it?

I mean.... there was not a single incidence with malware/viruses since I purchased the AV. Which may be because I (usually) know what I'm doing and acting paranoid af.

On the other hand... better save than sorry πŸ€”

what's your opinion?

Nextcloud on OpenBSD project:

it took me 1 week to register a new DynDNS account and 1 more week to get a certificate

If I don't find more spare time I'll finish the project with Nextcloud 42 πŸ™ˆ


Fav: OsmAnd
Most used: Telegram (unfortunately)

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So...what's your favorite app on ?

And what's your most used one?

boosts welcome 😊

wow.. despite being tired af and it's late in the evening I managed to get some work done on the studies.

Having almost 40% of the modules dealing with federal and state laws and regulations in (how they call it) a computer science course.... being buried under tons of Β§'s and codes of law .. really sucks... it's so exhausting and boring. Mainly because most of the students will never need it in their later lives.

So law modules here are like algebra at high school πŸ˜‚

Taking out the next laptop to examine.

... which smells like ...


FFS Sarah! Get me some soap, desinfectant and rubber gloves!!! 🀬

(love my job .. even with catpissed laptops to handle with)

Fell asleep for 2 hours after work. Not gonna get something done for the studies today πŸ™ˆ

Half oft an IT professionals life: watching progress bars grow

*hint: it doesn't work to rotate the screen 90Β° clockwise.... gravity won't help dragging the bar down faster. Already tried it.

just read some of my last toots ....

why are there typos EVERYWHERE?πŸ™ˆ

There's gotta be some angry troll who's rearranging the letters after I hit the toot-button πŸ™„

It's 2 weeks since I joined Mastodon and I still like it. I guess, now is the time to introduce myself to you!

I'm a guy from Europe, beginning 40's, was always fascinated of computers. I started off with my C64 and soon coded my own little text based game in BASIC.

Using Linux as main OS for years but I'm far from being an expert.

Studying forensic engineering while having a full-time job (computer stuff too) and working with archaeologists in my (always short) spare time πŸ‘‹ πŸ™‚

My boss is streaming his classic rock songs again. Good to have him knowing about good music .. although his whistling makes my ears bleed πŸ˜…

Journey - Don't stop believing at the moment...

I guess I'll spending the whole day having this song repeating in my brain 🎸 🎡

(and you should too!!!! - song performed by tesla coils and a robot drummer)

So my colleague at work had a smartphone (Android) to work on. All connections disabled as usual. It was inside a protective cover of a certain manufacturer.

She had it laying next to her iPhone for maybe 10 minutes.... The next time she took a look in (i think it was) her instagram app there was an advertising for exactly the manufacturer of the protective cover.

Coincidence? Weired RFID shit?

Spooky for sure.

Colleague: "No idea. Folders were an desktop.. when I called the guy he said, there's no problem anymore.... he seemed to be a little embarrassed and sheepishly.."

Me: "So he didn't open the RDP connection and was looking for the files on his PC.. right?"

Colleague: "I don't know... they're all damn stupid"

And I thought my sysadmin days were gone πŸ˜…


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