another day supporting me in liking computers more than people.πŸ‘

wow.. and even recognizing hyphenation 😱 😱

just discovered: ocrmypdf

so the incompetent administration of my university.. which provided me a 800 page >non searchable< PDF book had something good for me after all.

It does an extraordinary job! Even ignoring the damn watermarks the univ. uses to put in.

Ok folks... 2 days ago I tooted (tootst?.. tid?) "arch is not made for me" but I'm still curious.

As a loooong time user of Debian who doesn't like changing things in life at all .. I need _good_ arguments for such a big thing as a distro swap.

So.. tell me 3 things you like about Archlinux compared to Debian.

(do not include "latest software versions"-thingies .. as you already know I don't like changing things in life.. this includes version numbers 😬 )

finally! .. GNOME login screen is responsive! I can use now 😱

how I fixed the login screen you ask? ... I have NO clue! Did 5-6 installs .. same parameters ... and the last one came with a working login screen.. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

(still thinking Arch is not made for me πŸ˜… )

University: Write your work with the stuff from this book which will be released in October '21!


Oct'21 -> nope
Nov'21 -> nope
Dec'21 -> nope
maybe Jan 27th '22??.. maybeeee?

Me: WTF.. I've to submit the work by end Feb'22 .. how am I supposed to write it?

Tutor: buy the previous edition of >my< book.

Me: *buying the previous edition for 50 bucks*

University: Oh hey folks.. we've uploaded the previous edition for free 2 weeks ago but didn't tell you!

Me: 🀬 :hacker_f: :hacker_u:

note to myself:

stick with debian... arch is not made for you.

Short question to you programming folks:

What does Pythons (flask)

request.args.get(..) return?

A string / varchar?

Thanks! 😬

~1hr LK runs.... IST, MAL, LEM....

Not what I hoped for but it feels OK πŸ‘

Changing a PostgreSQL script (create, PK, FK, data, etc) to a MySQL is fun if you have no idea what you're doing πŸ™„

First day of vacation and the morons at work manage to delete production data from the last 3-6 months with a simple copy command....

You can't let the gang out of your sight for a second without them screwing something up.

Am I the only one who fell asleep before midnight?

The (vegan) cheese fondue was too much...filled up to a point where I just had to lay down and take a nap πŸ˜…

Happy new one everybody!

At work we just found a nice .. well.. 'feature' of Telegram..

When you delete a contact by accessing the contacts settings and selecting "Delete Contact" from the dots menu you're still getting the contacts details displayed ... AND maybe even more info as before! .. Like name and surname the contact has entered. It depends on the contacts entries of course what info you'll get. But it's nice if the chosen username is something cryptic and then all the sudden you have a clear name...

OMFG! It's here! I've waited almost 20yrs for this precious moment... I could shed tears right now! What a ! Never had a better one! Happy xmas to me! 😭😭😭

Most of the DVDs were never opened! Still foilwrap around them! 😍

(after binge watching the 86hrs ofc)

You've got a sh*tload of archives and/or PDFs and have to find the password protected ones?

Why not use ?

clamscan -r -i --log=./enc-files.txt --alert-encrypted=yes ./folder

So... The 3rd jab knocked me out... I'll not go to work today. Won't leave the bed until noon πŸ˜…

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