Amount of connections from Iran on my tor have exceeded those coming from Russia.
Feels good when my low latency network connection is used to bypass

Writing my own small Python mess (aka computer program) for detecting problems on my small server. When setting up it for testing on my server to let it run there for longer time, I realized I could use of a program for detecting problems with my program for detecting problems.

Do you know and listen to soundtracks or dedicated film music (I don't mean normal songs used as a soundtrack, but music composed for film/TV series/game)

> Browsing internet as usual
> some post with the photo of the with title "this is probably the last photo of the queen"
> My brain: hmm, someone seems to be pessimistic
> return to browsing
> another post about the queen
> My brain: oh

Oh crap, did I just softbrick my phone? It shouldnt reboot like that after update

Any tips for quick sharing files with libvirt managed virtual machines? linux and windows

Disabling animations makes your system so fast, used it for a long time on android on which it also saves battery a bit, but I don't know why I didn't think of disabling animations on my desktop too, until now. Now my desktop is faster.

Holy crap, when i reopened THE web browser, and restored these pages, some 3 terminals quickly blinked on my vm screen. Am I already hacked? or do they want to scare ppl who are scared of terminals

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I wanted to test sth on windows, but I think I am done with this os for today.

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MS Windoze is not a bad joke, its actually a really good joke.
I just tried to download a .msi file from:
and you would never guess what "the fastest web browser on windows" would do....
It fucking interpreted it as text and loaded as website.

Kwallet which is a secret manager in glorious plasma desktop now provides org.freedesktop.secrets, and update of framework which have this new miracle, has already hit fedora repos.

Just 4 separate prompts to access my "data" just to let me start browsing internet with "the fastest web browser on windows"

I think I need to write down all my posts here so I can show them later to some windoze fanboys.

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So it is not just 3 but actually 4 restarts, to have fresh ready to go system, since after install there are still very important updates to install.

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Force users to have TPM for security reasons.
Remove possibility of disk encryption in the basic (still not cheap) version of system

SecURiTy iS My PaSSioN

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So, somehow it is working with "only" TPM v1.2, not 2.0. That is a point for them I guess?

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