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The Twitter purge is continuing. Even left wing media is being purged now. We all knew this day would come.
It's time we spread the word and make the fediverse rise up.

How old are you folks?

Does anyone remember back in the 90s when going to city government websites in the US, you could just type: or for counties:

Example: City of Austin -
Example: Travis County -

Nowadays, it's random website names for local governments.
City of Austin -

City of San Antonio -

States were easy as well. Need to lookup Dept of Transportation?

I used $4 worth of electricity and $3 worth of gas last month. The bill for each of them is $20. The base charge, regulatory, and distribution fees really add up.

I have a feeling I won't be complaining about that come winter. I heard on the radio that both companies have requested to the public utility commission if they could lower rates and send out rebates.

We thought about 2 answers to this question.

If you know everything/everybody COULD be a potential source of misfortune, pain, anger - you name it - and you can't trust anything... you can either stay in bed all day and reduce interaction to a minimum to protect yourself..

or.. you don't change anything as you can't escape no matter what you try.. .and learn to deal with it.

So.. whats the better alternative? What would you do?

Boosts welcome 🙂

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Intuit to buy Mailchimp.

They already own Mint, Turbotax, CreditKarma and Quickbooks.

Imagine an Intuit data breach: the perfect database combo to steal your identity, your personal finance information, your banking data, your business data, and spam you into oblivion.

what does "milk" rhyme with

🇺🇲 Never Forget

May God bless

After 20 years, the memories of that horrific day still cause me to tear up watching thousands of people die on live TV.

Is the Clearview font making a comeback in Pennsylvania?

This newly redone traffic light has signs using the Clearview font, albeit misinterpreting the 75% height rule for capitals again. But that's just being PennDOT (they also mess up highway gothic font signs).


Interesting and informative ad on YouTube about Linux by SUSE.

Honestly, this is a good move by SUSE, because I forget about them a lot. I haven't used SUSE in a long time.

I found out the landlord told me the wrong address for the apartment. Now my mail is hanging in limbo, including my driver's license.

What's stupid is the Post Office didn't tell me that until the 3rd time I visited them. The driver's license center is always closed when I'm off work. That is the fun side of having banker hours. I've done screwed everything up online, and I need to see people now.

It was a beautiful day outside to take a walk collecting data for OpenStreetMap. It sure is a satisfying feeling editing over 200 nodes today. I'm getting tired though and quit for the night.

Then, I looked to see how @BalooUriza would tag some things and am totally amazed at the level of detail and work he put in. That's something I'm not doing right now. He's tagging everything from kerbs to power lines. Excellent job!

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