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The Twitter purge is continuing. Even left wing media is being purged now. We all knew this day would come.
It's time we spread the word and make the fediverse rise up.

The #OpenStreetMap Foundation is running a survey (in 13 languages!) to find out more about the #OSM community. It should only take a few minutes, and we'd greatly appreciate as many responses as possible., 🙂 (pls boost)

🌎 🌍 🌏 I'm working on a #map of #Mastodon servers "near me" basically mapping servers that are region-specific, as a way for folks to find Mastodon users in their region. Blue = signed on to the Mastodon Covenant, Green = I"m not sure they did.

This is my first time using #openstreetmap so I'd be grateful of any and all feedback, and offers to collaborate - I assume I can share the map for editing somehow 🤷

Here's the link:


Does anyone get irritated with all of the websites that play videos now?

I'm considering muting the words Signal and Telegram. It just makes me sad to see all the people go from one centralized non-free place to another centralized non-free place, while they're thinking it's a good thing.

Trying to explain and educate them about ethical options, feels as fruitless as emptying the ocean with a spoon.

Can anyone recommend me some public domain books, movies, music, games, paintings, etc?

There is an opt-in directory too for the fediverse. It is useful for finding interesting people.

Curious if I should make a write up on how to get a secondary citizenship and passport for emergency use since it's just now occuring to me that someone other than myself might want this. Or should I put it on my online shop? Decisions decisions.

I've been tinkering with Tinkercad. I found a series of tutorials on how to use it here:

The YouTube tutorials can be accessed from the website, as well as a list of keyboard shortcuts. (Shortcuts beginning with the ALT key will not work in a Linux distro without keyboard reassignment.)

I've been impressed with both Tinkercad and the tutorials. Originally I thought the app to be too simple in purpose. I don't believe so, now.

Hey, who are some cool artists on the Fediverse to follow?

Ok, serious art toot.
❓I have a question ❓
So, for my bullet journal I decided to use dip pens with various nibs, and I tried to clean them as much as I could, but I'm afraid I might be doing something wrong, because one nib got completely black ???
(the nibs are from Brause btw)
Has anyone any advice for a beginner like me?

#traditionalart #dippen #ink #advice

I'm not very good at writing down #recipes, but someone asked me to write this one down, so here is my recipe for #Christmas #enchiladas:

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