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The Twitter purge is continuing. Even left wing media is being purged now. We all knew this day would come.
It's time we spread the word and make the fediverse rise up.

I got a Moderna over a week ago. Was sleepy for a day. My arm was sore for about 24 hours and turned rock hard at the injection site. Other than that, just fine.

is trending on birdsite for their practice of charging a cancellation fee on their Creative Cloud products. The image below shows which free/open source projects are replacements for Adobe software.

For an area that receives less sun and has more rainy days than Seattle, it just doesn't make that much sense to invest in this. Not only that, but what happens when it snows? Once the solar panels are covered, there's no energy produced.

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PA Governor Tom Wolf announces the largest solar energy commitment in the US by a state.
‣ 50% of state gov't energy will be created with 7 new solar arrays to be built across the state.
‣ 191 MW | 361 GWh/yr will be produced by this initiative.

Halifax Forum wants to give the John McCain award to Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen in recognition for her efforts of defiance of the and COVID-19. The China-cozy Canadian government said they would pull funding and support away from HFX if they gave the award to Tsai.

I wish there was a symbol for single people to wear that denoted I'm single and ready to mingle. Something like an orange wristband.

Is it customary to delete posts after a certain time period? Does this benefit the Instance?

Fuck! My router is fritzing out.

Could use some recomendations for decent home router must be able to run Open WRT.

Currently have/had a Tp-link 1043 for a few years.

Today we’re launching Am I FLoCed, a new site that will tell you whether Google has made you a guinea pig in its targeted advertising experiment:

hey !

I'm looking for a for indexing textfiles (esp. pdf) to be able to fast-search them for words/phrases.

I'm doing a lot of research for my writings during my studies and I'm so tired of opening every pdf, looking for stuff I can use and then repeat it with the next one.

Maybe you can help me out with a suggestion.

American Jobs Plan, aka Biden infrastructure bill 

The American Jobs Plan will spend $2T on infrastructure.
‣ $621B will go to transportation.
• Modernizes 20,000mi of highways.
• Repairs 10 most economically vital bridges in need; repairs worst 10,000 bridges.
‣‣ $115B to modernize highways.
‣‣ $85B to modernize transit.
‣‣ $80B Amtrak
‣‣ $20B for social justice rectification of previous infrastructure projects.
‣‣ $174B in electric vehicles.

Ohio DOT will spend almost $2B on transportation infrastructure this year. Due to a tax hike in 2019, ODOT will not be in the red as many other states have struggled for revenue during the pandemic. Here are the improvements:
‣ 876 bridges
‣ 4596 miles of pavement
‣ 43 intersections


The Rights to Repair bill failed in Colorado. If you look at the 11 pages, it's easy to understand why: too broad, touching too many industries, and making the manufacturer liable for unauthorized repairs(!?). It's like they designed it to fail. Oh, and never touch medical devices, it's a regulatory minefield. #rightstorepair

And now fiat could have an expiration date
RT @jeannasmialek
This is interesting: "Beijing has tested expiration dates to encourage users to spend it quickly, for times when the economy needs a jump start." via @jamestareddy

Ontario Premier Doug Ford orders a stay-at-home order and for retail to only sell essential items. Pharmacies and garden centers will remain open.


The 2021 Renault T series Evolution trucks were released yesterday IRL and the launch party was in . I have to say, it is a really nice truck and really like the cell phone holder, cup holder (although there only 1 now), and LED front turn signals. There's a contest going on now to design your own truck.

Road Guy Rob talks about how traffic lights adapt their timing so drivers are not in the indecision zone when it turns yellow. He references a company that uses radar detectors. In Texas and many other states, cameras are commonly used.


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