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SD Test of the best meme about militar winnie the pooh with clouds in the background, realistic digital art

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Would you consider it a dealbreaker if your job mandated Windows as your OS?

You ever see some little bug fuck prance around on your ceiling, so you get up to beat the shit out of it, then realise it is actually a spider, so you go: "nah, you aight bro"?

Jeg prøvede engang at åbne et værtshus i Himalayabjergene, men vi måtte lukke efter en uge, da omsætningen ikke levede op til forventningerne.

Det var mest min egen skyld: Jeg satte baren for højt.

Never understood why supermarkets would throw well aged cheese in the clearance bin.

It literally gets better with age, being past its expiration date is a sign of quality.

Best part of uspol is the fact that I don't have to give a shit

Docker? Nah man, I only run Cocker on my machine.

My new hobby is running random telemarketers through GDPR 101, i.e. asking then how they got my number, what they use it for, when I gave consent for them to use it, etc.

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My soul mate is my toilet: We've been through a lot of shit together.

Name a food more based than beans.

Protip: you can't

You ever consider that software engineers are actually bakers?

Coz they do be making dough.

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Tintin and Haddock sitting in a bar

Haddock: "What a week, huh?"

Tintin: "Captain, it is Wednesday"

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Protip: if you are trying to hook up with a Croat, just recite the lyrics to Čavoglave and dunk on Serbia

What did the cossack say to his fellow cossack after falling down a crevice? 

Help me steppe bro, I'm stuck.

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