Gotta say, Deutschrap is the shit. Echt toll, kumpel.

Anyone got a recommendation for a container system?
I already have experience with docker, but I wonder if there's a better one.
It's for a website, if that matters.

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I'm torn between investing a token amount in GME and doing nothing.
On one hand, I like movement of sticking it to the big man.
On the other, I dislike stocks as an institution.

The sensible choice is to not commit to a meme, but then again, memes are the DNA of the soul. Decisions, decisions...

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Breaking news! Energizer Bunny arrested – charged with battery.

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BTW, couple of days ago I decided to write a bit about some of my favourite games from the past 10 years of Linux gaming. Felt appropriate, since it is the season for game of the years and whatnot. So, why not games of a decade?

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"A sustainable software model for 2020 and beyond, we believe it is possible to respect the principles of freedom without being ideological"​

By the way, when I read the quote above, I remember an 80s British television series, "Yes Minister".

From the series I learned that lying is an art in itself. A lie must be put inside a truth. Thus, the lie cannot be detected easily.

In short:
Q: Is this the truth?
A: The truth and only the truth
Q: 100% truth?
A: Of course not!

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I am #freesoftware enthusiast as just a general nerd.

My interests in general are:
#Blacksmithing (Though it's been a bit since I've made it out to the forge lol )

I think I'll quit my job as a student programmer. Working from my student dorm is rough enough (basically working in my bed), but then also doing it on an operating system I hate for tooling I despise takes the cake.

Fuck Microsoft. Fuck Windows. Fuck Powers(hell). Fuck dotnet.
I have gazed into the abyss and the abyss has gazed back.

My co-workers were pretty ok though, hope they'll do fine.

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He protecc
He attacc
But most importantly
He make midnight snacc

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scum levels are 58% and falling

(58%) ■■■■■□□□□□

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So, uh, I may or may not have given myself a small mullet

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