Docker? Nah man, I only run Cocker on my machine.

My new hobby is running random telemarketers through GDPR 101, i.e. asking then how they got my number, what they use it for, when I gave consent for them to use it, etc.

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My soul mate is my toilet: We've been through a lot of shit together.

Name a food more based than beans.

Protip: you can't

You ever consider that software engineers are actually bakers?

Coz they do be making dough.

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Tintin and Haddock sitting in a bar

Haddock: "What a week, huh?"

Tintin: "Captain, it is Wednesday"

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Protip: if you are trying to hook up with a Croat, just recite the lyrics to Čavoglave and dunk on Serbia

What did the cossack say to his fellow cossack after falling down a crevice? 

Help me steppe bro, I'm stuck.

You are only your own worst enemy.

Meaning that you only ever complete with yourself when it comes to self-betterment.

Warhammer 40k is a movie about John Hammer trying to stop a war that will kill 40000 people.

If I ever disappear, consider that I may just have noclipped through reality

Remember sqrt(2GM/r)

Can't leave home without it.

Ah fuck it, at this point I might as well just pull an all-nighter and go to sleep early

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