That considered, piracy is only fair trade. I talk about your product in public, I draw fanarts, write fanfictions, compose music for your product? In exchange, I won't pay shit for having it.

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hey hey mastodon qts.

I'm tired of talking to my carrier about this issue so I'll pitch it here and see what the ether has to say about the matter: my phone won't connect to the cell towers. the profiles and PRL are updated. network preference is at LTE/CDMA. I reset all network preferences. only thing I haven't done is take the SIM card in and out again.

should I do that?
what else should I do?
boosts and whatnot appreciated for visibility.

if when you make an innocent mistake your first thought is not about the mistake itself but jumps to how someone will punish you for that mistake you are being emotionally abused

personal, phases of political consciousness 

1. Cheerful acceptance of whitewashed status quo
2. Mild disillusionment, but unshaken faith in the system and the intentions of people therein
3. Deeper disillusionment and intense disgust
5. Degaslighting/remedial basic history education
6. Rebuilding mental health
7. Strategic rage

Anyway I feel rage, and I'm kinda happy about it.

This is generally why I'm so adamant about fighting fascism as opposed to fighting capitalism, because fascism represents both the class and racial injustice that plagues our world. Global capitalism is almost just a symptom of that power framework, by comparison. Listen to black voices, listen to people of color. Hold their voices high and do not scurry into the darkness when they point at you too, white leftists. Listen. Improve. Destroy your own whiteness. Destroy racism fully and completely, and capitalism will come crashing down soon after.

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on racism and human nature 

The scientific consensus has begun to shift in light of new discoveries, in understanding that we really probably weren't directly responsible for this ancient extinction, we did not murder our fellow human race. In fact, we lived with them. There are evidence of sites where our bones will be found side by side, there is evidence in our DNA that we lived together then, that we hunted together, and that we fucked. There was a time when many humans walked the Earth and we are the only humans left. Because we got lucky. We survived.

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on racism and human nature 

Ethnic conflict is not human nature. Human nature is coexistence. War is unnatural. "Us vs. them" is the justifications taught to us by greedy men who wanted to write history in their image. Racism and empire are new and unnatural concepts, concepts which we can choose to abandon, because killing each other is a good recipe to just leave us all dead. Compassion is written into our DNA. Spread the news.

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Lost my irreplaceable wedding ring on Sunday, July 5th. Longshot but I thought I'd post this in case it's spotted. I believe it slipped off during hand sanitizer. Possible locs:

- Vernon's Dnr, Bedford
- Esquire Rst.
- The BLT trail
- Glenbourne Bike Park

🙏 for any reshares.

@dirt come on buoys, let's all sink together or we will surely sink separately!

Drivers running over protesters is organized right wing mnurder by Death Squads. This was on Parler and Twitter today

seeing the guy who was tut tutting me for shitposting because it is fascist adjacent ask for CWs on "death to america" posts has broken my mind. i cant go on folks. i am going to spend the rest of my days whittling.

This America day.


Find your local rez and ask what supplies they need.

Browse Etsy for indigenous crafters and buy from them. Do this for all jewelry and shit from now on. They make great pieces.

Push for Duolingo to add more indigenous languages to preserve dying languages.

Use your white privilege to raise a fuss that the tribes are still treated like shit and expected to be grateful.

I want more stories in the Fifth Element universe. It was actually a good cross of cyberpunk and fantasy

I just sent a thanks note to two people for a chart that explained federated and local then thanked maintainers for all the hard work and members for well-thought out toots, when I read the chart more carefully realized only 2 people would see it. So Thanks

current events, thinks and feels 

hey, y'know that feeling, like you're not convinced you really have any idea what's actually happening in the world right now, like you're not really sure what the world at large will even look like at this time next year? not even your neighborhood?

you're not alone. don't think you are. anyone who tells you differently is trying to take something from you, whether it's obvious what they want or not.

literally no one ever has been through this combination of all this before now, and you're doing the best you can with what you've got to work with.

emotions, worldpol, privilege, ~ 

For instance, today I stayed inside all day and worked from home, and went to a free online exercise class offered by my job, and made muffins during my lunch hour.

I think this is gross. I think it's super gross that this degree of relatively pampered comfort is co-existing with, for instance, intentionally-exacerbated genocidal COVID outbreaks among largely innocent people who got swept up in US prisons and ICE detention camps. I don't feel guilty - I want everyone cared for and am sacrificing for it - but if I said what I did today, and someone replied in disgust, I think I would agree? I don't know what to do with that.

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So, I’ve been putting off asking for help recently due to the surrounding climate and the fact that there are much more important causes for people to donate to right now. But after buying food just now, I’m down to $12 in my account - and that’s on top of thousands of dollars of backpay on rent and hundreds of dollars of backlogged venmo requests from my friends. I’ve been in the bureaucratic hell of applying for unemployment for over a month now and am owed almost 4k once that finally goes through, but I don’t know whether any of my bills will come up before that happens

So I came up with a compromise. For every $3 given to my ko-fi I’ll donate $4 to this fundraiser splitting between 70+ bail, mutual aid, and racial justice organizing funds once my unemployment money goes through. So, donating with interest - and delaying it so that the funds go where they’re needed even if other donations start drying up soon if people stop paying attention

I hope this is a respectful solution to this problem. Thank you for reading, and please consider boosting

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