@erin Just read your post: erinbern.com/ttrpg-dislike-gm/

Have you seen any potentially good alternatives? I'd like to get into TTRPGs but every GM I've has either flaked (including me) or been a complete jerk to me or other players (particularly to women). The idea of story-building collaboratively sounds awesome but me early internet searches seem wanting

I used to think XKCD and minute physics were made by the same person. This does not help me remember that they are not: yewtu.be/watch?v=6tu0mIpX8nU

The posts I made a while back about using the Python standard library when possible seems to be getting some eyes again today. This idea pairs well with an article I came across today that illustrates some of nightmarish nuance that is needed when managing Python dependencies: iscinumpy.dev/post/bound-versi.

A good reminder here that the easiest to manage dependency is the one that doesn't exist.


The founding fathers are dead. Long dead. Government should be focused on the rights and well-being of its citizens, not beholden to the ideas and prejudices of people hundreds of years dead. (quoting @jzb from nitter.net/jzb/status/15403390)

@Sandra (ack hit send unintentionally there) I have a similar system for sorting my button up shirts. When I hang up a shirt after laundry, I always put it in the leftmost side of my closet. This means that the shirts I never where are constantly shifted to the right. Every few years I donate the stuff I never wear save for a few things I keep for formal occasions should they come up. Love the idea of using such a system to organize other things

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Why don't text based browser support the <details> and <summary> tags? I know they can't possibly keep up with the crazy pace of web standards, but this seems like one that would make sense.

There's a lot in the standard library that people don't even know about including: an http server, the ability to use a sqllite database directly, turtle-style graphics, C bindings for gui applications with TCL and probably more I haven't learned about. By learning what is in it, or other languages standard libraries you can make your applications and libraries much more stable, secure and resilient. Read those docs before reaching for a third party alternative!

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The python requests library is widely used and respected. But it contains almost 7,000 lines of code and with it's own dependencies over 24,000 lines of code. Each one of those could have bugs or security holes someday. Having a dependency like this could or expose you to things like medium.com/checkmarx-security/

Did you know the python standard library can make http requests with urllib? It is a little clunkier interface wise, but it works for everything I've thrown at it.

@jzb Re: nitter.net/aravosis/status/152

This is a reality and it hits very close to home for me. A year or two ago, a guy went into the town square a 10 minute walk from my house and called the cops on himself with the express intention of shooting the ones who came, which he did. A local "good guy with a gun" saw an officer get shot, and ran out and shot the shooter. Other cops came to the scene and shot the "good guy". The original shooter, the officer and the "good guy with a gun all died.. sad.

@redstarfish @CantCodeYet It shouldn't be difficult. I tried to keep the dependencies as minimal as possible. I haven't used guix yet but I'm happy to lend a hand if you run into any trouble

@kelbot I feel like this might be something you'd dig for the . It'd be a reasonable way to browse youTube with a text-based browser and save on battery life.

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Today I pushed up the code for the first version of a new project - youTranscript - a light-weight frontend for youTube that shows you the transcript of a video instead of the video itself.


This is useful when you just want to skim a video and don't want to watch a 30 minute video when you just want to find out the answer to their click-bait headline.

Thanks to @twizzay for the idea on this one.

even work? I've been trying to watch videos on @tilvids (tilvids.com) all day and every video seems to download maybe the first 15 seconds of a 8-10 minute video before grinding to a halt. No matter how long I keep the page up, it never really progresses. Every video I try only has one peer and has the same behavior.

Am I doing something wrong? Will this not work right with qutebrowser? Do I need internet with better (currently 5Mbps) upload? Is the server just saturated?

I just, briefly, mixed up Margaret Thatcher and Margaret Atwood. Whoops.

@craigmaloney thanks for all the comics you post. You've reminded me how much I enjoyed them since I quit reading a paper newspaper. My life needs more than just xkcd.

I kind of wonder if we should start calling it Right to Repairable instead of Right to Repair. It's a product design issue, not an access to specialized tools and knowledge issue

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This is both ridiculous and fascinating. "Apple shipped me a 79-pound iPhone repair kit to fix a 1.1-ounce battery": theverge.com/2022/5/21/2307905

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Sad to see that is going away..
I started to use it last summer because it was basically the only MUA that supported VMC/BIMI (that's how I discovered it), and I just liked it more than k9-mail.

However, thanks to google unreasonable crap - the development has now stopped.

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