I got my ! It is pretty great so far. I love the hardware. And it is only a matter of time before the software catches up.

I got my computer working yesterday. I installed because I had some installation media for it available. Right now I am installing .

Eventually I want to try , but I don't have time right now.

I watched peer.tube and Vimeo yesterday in solidarity with the #youtubewalkout . When I first got on peer.tube there wasn't much there, but it's certainly grown. I found this fun animated vid, 'Copying is Not Theft.' share.tube/videos/watch/a5bcc9 . Vidcommons also posts documentaries on peer.tube. share.tube/accounts/documentar . No ads either. That's really cool! If you are a You Tube content creator, please consider backing up your channel onto peer.tube, like @ChrisWere and share.tube/video-channels/chri

Programming prompt: make a program to replace words in a string American English to the British English equivalent spelling.

A new project I am working on for watching movies with only user-respecting software: codeberg.org/LibreMedia/kettle

Cooperate on Matrix: :matrix.org

Some code I wrote in : rccat - a more interesting cat tool. code.theres.life/M/rccat

It doesn't quite live up to though, and is missing many features.

I have been writing C code over the last few days. It has been fun. Although I am new at it, C may become my new favorite programming language.

I just ordered a . I am excited about the potential of the device.

Maybe I'll be able to port to it. :-)

Well I decided I'll do it. Will likely be done by the end of next week or so it I want it feature complete

For "dumb" ones I use CSV, for anything with a formula I use LibreOffice. I would love some Unix-y software for that, that would, for example, read a CSV with cells containing scripts and run those and put their content in the output csv

I am thinking of implementing my dream spreadsheet in C++ using Bellard's QuickJS

If I officially register my religion as Stallmanism, are public schools and government bureaus not allowed to force me to submit Microsoft Word documents?

I am installing right now. With a catch: I am putting the /boot partition on the flash drive (my computer won't boot otherwise, don't ask :P).

Linux.pizza seems fast. What is the specs of the server, and where is it located?

I made a library in , what is the best way to publish it to PyPI so that other programs can use it?

I am not experienced with it. I see conflicting tutorials. What I have is a few files, and I want the one file to be able to be imported into another Python project. Does anyone know how I would do that?

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