Well I decided I'll do it. Will likely be done by the end of next week or so it I want it feature complete

For "dumb" ones I use CSV, for anything with a formula I use LibreOffice. I would love some Unix-y software for that, that would, for example, read a CSV with cells containing scripts and run those and put their content in the output csv

I am thinking of implementing my dream spreadsheet in C++ using Bellard's QuickJS

If I officially register my religion as Stallmanism, are public schools and government bureaus not allowed to force me to submit Microsoft Word documents?

I am installing right now. With a catch: I am putting the /boot partition on the flash drive (my computer won't boot otherwise, don't ask :P).

Linux.pizza seems fast. What is the specs of the server, and where is it located?

I made a library in , what is the best way to publish it to PyPI so that other programs can use it?

I am not experienced with it. I see conflicting tutorials. What I have is a few files, and I want the one file to be able to be imported into another Python project. Does anyone know how I would do that?

If your program cannot be edited with a text editor, you can go and overwrite your hard drive with random zeros and ones. No binary code without source!

I have figured out my account situation. This will be my main account, since I run this instance, but I will divide what I post about into different accounts.

This one will be more personal, and certainly post more Christian stuff.
@MOTT will be the one where I talk with people about science, math, technology in general, and such.
@MotS is my techy account. If you want to see programming rants and my endeavors in GNU/Linux, follow me there.

There will be some overlap, but you will no longer be spammed with my rants during my Gentoo installations when you follow this account.

Okay everyone. This is @masterofthetiger. I have joined here for my techy stuff, since this seems like a techy place. 😃


A instance dedicated - but not limited - to people with an interest in the GNU+Linux ecosystem and/or general tech. Sysadmins to enthusiasts, creators to movielovers - welcome