Happy 2nd Birthday to Linux.pizza! and thank you to @selea for all you provide! :linuxpizza1: :blobrainbow: :ablobdj:

@LiziPancake I'll bet it's installed.

Grub is post-install, so I imagine your USB drive has been installed with all the files for your Linux setup. It just won't _boot._ That's a different thing to fix...

Can't really suggest anything more than "try a different boot method" because I don't know what grub/boot error it IS... and depending on whether it is BIOS/EUFI that is the problem or the grub config... I don't know if it's getting TO grub, or if grub is just trying to use the wrong disk. Both are common when dealing with USB drives...

So... What grub error? (:

That said:
supergrubdisk2 should help. Or refind, if you have EUFI.


The latter is for newer computers with EUFI. The former for BIOS only machines.

Basically the trick now: Get a boot loader that can see your grub config, make sure the grub config is pointed at your EXTERNAL drive, and actually boot Linux from USB

Welp, Linux doesn't seem to want to install to my externall hard drive, keeps throwing up a Grub error

people are losing their eyes to rubber bullets, being gassed indiscriminately, and are being recorded. protest safely. your body & life is valuable.

I've setup a new Mastodon server on mastodon.online. The idea is to provide another space for people who would've landed on mastodon.social but can't because it's closed.

Even though I am currently in charge of both there are still logical and infrastructural separations between the two that give this move meaning in the context of decentralization.

Not to mention I've already scaled to mastodon.social's size once, so it would be easier for me to do again than to scale mastodon.social further.

The 'right to be forgotten' doesn't exist for open platforms. Once data is published, it will flow free in all directions. It will be stored on someones hardware you don't have control over.

Practice good information hygiene/secop instead. DON'T publish things you potentially will regret later. You have to make decision of what is important, and what to filter out.
Things that you're okay with everyone potentially knowing, and what information you yourself feel could compromise your and/or your friends security.

That's the reality of it, wherever you think it should be like that or not.

Hello everyone.

There is a non-zero possibility that major US cities are about to get their civilian communications infrastructure turned off or significantly restricted. If this idea scares you too much to contemplate, please move on. I can't think of how to CW this appropriately, so my apologies for your anxiety, but this is important to my social circle, so I'll continue.

If you're worried about COVID-19 but you still want to make a positive impact, you can help to prepare for this eventuality.

The best way I can think to fight against comms being shut down is to use Dual Power Structure thinking: let's make our own network. This is not as unrealistic as it sounds. HAM Radio folks are already doing it. The software is open source, and runs on a massive number of surplus hardware. Check out the AREDEN Compatibility Matrix: arednmesh.org/content/supporte

If you work your local network and make a few fast Amazon orders, I bet you'd have several square miles of coverage ready to go in an instant, and ready to backhaul internet to people who need it to protest.

You might say, "But Endomain, I'm not a licensed ham operator!"

I am not telling you what to do, but a lot of folks are breaking a lot of laws just by protesting. Folks are rightfully afraid of COVID-19 and that's fair, but you know what's socially distant? Rooftops of boarded up or looted buildings that are empty but still have electricity. Maybe this is a risk folks, licensed or not, are willing to take to take to keep comms up for protesters.

Wow, didn't expect to see Anonymous pop back up for this

So I recently installed Nintendont on my Wii U and wow it's great to be able to play GameCube games on modern hardware with Proper HDMI

And of course I have to live with a conspiracy theorist who believes Covid-19 is a hoax and gets his news from Facebook...

Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)

What are these distro hoping tendencies? I must resist.. I don't have time to install at the moment.. Later.

Odd, for a good 4 hours, both my mobile data and my wireless internet went out at the same time, despite having different providers (Straight Talk and Suddenlink). My mobile data is still down though, sadly. I wonder what caused it? Also, how's everyone doing?

I just realized that I've been inactive for a while, sorry 'bout that.

My phone that I've had for 4 years has finally cracked and I'm wondering what phone y'all recommend I get. (comment which Rootable phone if you choose that)

Hello Worlds!
There seems to be quite a lot of them in the Mastodon Universe 😃
Looking good so far, I'm pleasantly surprised!

So, I have this domain that I dont need and want anymore:


Here is the AUTH-code:

Have fun!

I'm writing a PSA about Internet Privacy and Safety, do you think it'd be a good idea to bring up de-centralized social media as a method of preventing data from being sold? (I.E. tell people about the Fediverse as a replacement for non-private social media)

Oooooh, I **LIKE** Bauh Package Manager! Listed the 32-bit driver I needed (from AUR) for my Dell C1660w color laser printer. This is a new addition since my previous go at Manjaro. Nice.

Smoke Free: 120d 8h 29m 55s
Cigarettes Not Smoked: 2,166.4
Life Regained: 16d 13h 10m 6s
Money Saved: $ 1,256.5

4 months!! Wooo!! I got this

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