Oooooh, I **LIKE** Bauh Package Manager! Listed the 32-bit driver I needed (from AUR) for my Dell C1660w color laser printer. This is a new addition since my previous go at Manjaro. Nice.

Smoke Free: 120d 8h 29m 55s
Cigarettes Not Smoked: 2,166.4
Life Regained: 16d 13h 10m 6s
Money Saved: $ 1,256.5

4 months!! Wooo!! I got this

Oh my i had forgotten about this...looking at my small Reddit history...guess i need to remember this moment...

My animation teacher has our class doing PSAs (You get to chose your own subject) so I am doing one over Internet safety and Privacy, and due to me having a high knowledge of it, she actually asked if I wanted her to recommend me to a college professor friend of her's looking for cybersecurity students, so I may have college figured out already. :fatyoshi:

I'm liking JetBrains Mono, a new (FOSS) font from JetBrains. Check out the ligatures in the Rust screenshot! It's available under the Apache 2.0 license

h/t @gcupc

What app/client do you use to view the fediverse? I personally use the web browser on PC and the "Fedilab" app from F-Droid on my Android phone

mario 64 and super mario sunshine both have this kind of jank to them that we all totally accepted back when they came out but we'd leave a negative review on a 2019 indie game that did the same thing

like we hold a single person making a game in their bedroom to a higher standard than we did for nintendo in 2002

shit's weird

I'm starting a series of the best free and open-source alternatives to Google apps on Android, thanks to all the feedback I received on a previous toot! First up is Gmail.

probs the one good thing about microsoft, and it's officially over


If Google and Apple were to follow the same lifecycles as Microsoft did for Windows 7, we’d still be receiving security patches for iOS4 and Android Donut (1.6) by now. Let that sink in...


in 2020 we're practising real forgiveness: making train levels in FPSes where you can fall off, run alongside and climb back on with only moderate damage


With Windows 7 reaching end of life, I wonder if I could convince my more tech-y teachers to swap to something like Linux Mint, rather than updating to Windows 10 :thonking:

Like I hate feeling like I gotta do everything myself but time and again working independently over the past 3 years has shown me that the only person I can rely on to get things down is me lol

For those who use linux at home but are told/forced to use linux at work or school, how would you attempt to convince them to let you use linux?

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