selfie, makeup, no ec 

Fuck it
*mushrooms your girl*

Academic, achievement, proud 

I got into the National Honor Society! I was scared I wouldn't make it but I did! My induction was today so it's official now.

I might post the certificate later

Random thoughts, kinda useless 

Not gonna lie web development sounds like hell, and the thought of trying it both scares and excites me. By the way I'm not going to do that especially not yet but just a thought I had from seeing a few web dev people on here talk about it

Does somebody has a hint, how I can cast my screen of my Ubuntu laptop top my LG WebOs TV? WebOs comes with solutions for Apple (AirPlay) and Android (propably Chromecast?)

Why does listening to anime openings help my focus and willingness to do things so much? Like, they help me go from extreme executive dysfunction to actually doing the thing I need most of the time (The best songs for this being the 2 openings to Little Witch Academia, and "Mission: Health Comes First!" From Cells! At Work)

Looking at the difference between v1 and v3 of my calculator i realized how much I've added in less than a day... Not bad for a beginner!

You will need to have ruby installed on your system to run it, for obvious reasons

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If anyone wants to try out my simple Ruby calculator program or just look through the code to see how my basic programming skills manifest, go ahead and DM me and I'll link it (Currently on version 3)

poll for ppl with vision problems, :boosts_ok: 

when getting your eyesight tested, have you only seen the paper with letters of decreasing sizes, or the machine with a picture of bright grass, sunny light blue sky and a house/air balloon in the middle?

I have also started using the "Atom" IDE since I was hoping it would be okay, but the atom-runner package seems to hate me :/

For now I guess I will test all my code in my terminal

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Version 2 of my calculator now has an "info" command for simple description of how it works, code comments, and a couple meme commands since I was bored

I won't lie, the code I wrote is absolutely basic and probably not well written at all but at least it exists!

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With absolutely minimal tutorials (only had to check how to convert inputs to floats and a refresher on loops) I have made a working calculator in Ruby! It only took about 30-ish minutes!

UPDATE: Another ER visit, not for me, violence mention 

This man has been causing a disturbance and doing minor assault multiple times for the past week, however the police did nothing until a full on assault happened. This could have been prevented, but the police didn't want to get involved

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UPDATE: Another ER visit, not for me, violence mention 

A drunken man was refusing to leave a motel room at my father's place of work, and after multiple threats to ram the room's door with his vehicle and attwmpting to kick it in, my father pushed him away fro. The room. The man reached into the back of the vehicle and pulled out a PVC pipe and proceeded to swing it at my father's head. My father blocked almost 7 swings with his arms, resulting in a hairline fracture. (More in next comment)

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Another ER visit, not for me, violence mention 

My dad got assaulted with a PVC pipe and now we are at the ER getting him a splint and sling since he has a hairline fracture

Top surgery gofundme, boosts good 

Hey guys my partner has a gofundme for his top surgery, I asked and he's cool w me posting it here, id really appreciate anything yall could give πŸ’—

very good prime number 


Hex representation: ACAB

Ruby learning progress 

Currently learning array manipulations, Ruby makes perfect sense from what I've learned so far

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