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I guess I never made an introduction post, so:

Hi everyone, I've been into Linux since I first went to college at 18 and have been stuck into it since. I'm 21 now and working on my BA.

Wanted to become a programmer, but ended up falling back to IT when that didn't work out for me.

I mainly just like tinkering with Linux, gaming, a little bit of anime (mainly Toradora stuff), and FOSS in general.

I want to learn to code eventually one day and contribute to the Nouveau driver and the Kernel.

I was talking to my friend about a tablet I was considering getting in the future, and got pissed at Twitter, so had to do a mini rant.

It's really nice how the DeepL extension and the LanguageTool extension slide over to make room for each other.

@tilvids Hi, is there any way you'd consider adding Brave donations as a way to support tilvids itself?

Been a little inactive lately because I've dug into work because they offered an incentive to get a nice little bonus, so I've been really focused on getting it.

Just made a tilvids account and actually surprised to see some of the creators I watch are actually on it. Last time I tried to use any peertube instance, they had barely any content and a lot of spam stuff.

Oh boy, my DisplayPort cable got delayed, now I have to wait until the 26th to have all 3 monitors working.

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reminder that "I don't care about cookies" was purchased by Avast and you should remove it before they sell your personal information.

One of the largest downsides (or benefits) of working as a search engine rater is that my recommendations for everything that is based off of tracking are entirely skewed. Benefit from tracking, downside for YouTube recommendations.

Finally have my third monitor, but like an idiot I didn't realize I only had a single HDMI port and 3 DP ports, so I need to get another DP cable.

Want to get a fourth one and lay them out three horizontal, one above the middle one.

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@LibreNyaa I do have amd-ucode installed. Also here's the thread I have on the archlinux fourms

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Long road ahead of me, because I can only handle adding 5 new words a day.

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Just found out supertuxcart has a switch port via homebrew so I'm messing around with it. Don't have sound or music in-game so trying to fix that.

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Half tempted to buy and old cheap $10 PS2 game on the PS store on my PS4 pro so be able to use the Mast1c0re exploit.

It's just an emulator escape that lets you run homebrew. They'll likely pull the games off the store, but probably wouldn't take it from people who already own the games.

It has the potential of being the tool to jailbreak it.

I have no interest in piracy though, I just like homebrew, I like to have full control over the hardware I own.

I wish there was a good FOSS android keyboard that supported Japanese.

They seem to mostly support the romance languages and a few others, but few to none of languages like Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

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