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Is it just me or does it feel like there is a huge migration to Linux suddenly?

Oh, right. Windows 11 doesn't support half a million devices and WINE/Proton is improving to the point that people ARE switching to Linux.

It's a good day to be alive!

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Can we take a moment to admire that the application "KHangMan" is in the "games for kids" subcategory in the KDE launcher and has a noose for its icon

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stolen from Twitter: which HTTP 400-level code describes your sex life?

original post: twitter.com/HappySinger/status

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I just realized that I had forgotten to pay for my domain name, and it was one day away from expiration.

Crisis averted. >.>

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dont sync your contact list to google or apple without your contacts consent. even if you dont care about your own privacy, respect others!

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Apple: "We detected non-genuine parts"
Us: "But they came from a practically identical iPhone?"
Apple: "DID I STUTTER!?"


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After almost 5 years of silence, Microsoft has resumed sending DMARC reports

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It's impossible to replace a default @Windows installation with a Linux distro without feeling better about yourself.

...or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux.

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I just updated my system running Debian testing, and was hit with +1000 packages because of the rollover to Debian Bookworm

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Social Media Advice:

-Choose a platform that respects you as a user instead of using you.

-Follow people who:
* Know more than you do.
* Challenge your beliefs.
* Will support your growth and development as a human being.
* Make you smile.

-Block people who:
* are hurtful to you or others.
* are keeping you locked in an "echo chamber"


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I just beat Doom II on nightmare, and man, that was tough.

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