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If you can’t see these:

:ablobcatpeek: (72.8 KB) :sticker_beer: (71.2 KB) :ablobcathungry: (69.5 KB) :comfychef: (68 KB) :ablobcatcarameldansen: (67.9 KB) :ablobcatnomcookie: (63.3 KB) :ablobcatdrool: (62.7 KB) :blobcatbounce: (61.7 KB) :dance: (59.4 KB) :comfyartist: (58.6 KB) :ablobcatreach: (54.7 KB)

But you can see this: :blahaj: (49.9 KB)

and these: :coochified: (49.8 KB) :nyssa: (49.7 KB) :jerry: (49.7 KB)

It means that your instance does not support custom emojis that are larger than 50 KB.

If you can see this: :ablobcatvore: (440 KB)

Then your instance will probably support almost any custom emoji.


@p as root: # apt install dnsmasq && systemctl enable dnsmasq && echo "cache-size=15000" >> /etc/dnsmasq.conf && systemctl start dnsmasq

Then edit /etc/resolv.conf.head (and for immediate effect, /etc/resolv.conf) to have as the FIRST line

St. Patricks day is a day made up by the Irish to sell more leprechauns


It has been about a month since my last relapse. The strains of having a baby have made it very difficult to stay clean lately.

I have not been in very good contact with my sponsor or Anonymous group.

Honestly, it's hard to feel like a good parent while I am going through this. I hope I can get a handle on things.

:blobfoxdrakedislike: using a small, purpose-built markdown processor
:blobfoxdrakelike: using pandoc -f markdown -t html

I have been avoiding emails so bad.

Currently at [125] :P

I am nearing two weeks of nobody noticing that I am getting almost nothing done at work...

So this is what all those thousands of employees are working on! We've reached peak UI!

Is it appropriate to say that an infant (0-3 months)has a fat face?

Is there some kind of special URL slug needed in order to log into the Pleroma Admin Front End?

I just started my own instance and have been trying to login at example.social/main/all but haven't been able to.

I may cry.

Periodically people join the Fediverse (not just SPC) and because you can say what you want they say things. Then some big event happens and they don't feel safe anymore having said those things, and they come back to me to erase what they said from my server.

SPC has a delete user feature, you can delete your account and while it takes some time, it will remove all your posts. It will NOT remove your posts from foreign servers.

If you wiped your account on a different server and need the remote data wiped from SPC, contact me by email I will do it but you'll have to provide some kind of proof it was your account (for example, get the admin over there to vouch for your email)

I am not doing this to defend people with certain viewpoints. This is just the way we've always run for everybody. And I am not telling you to shut up or what viewpoints to have. But right now is one of those times where things are changing very fast and you should think hard about how bad things could get for you and people you care about if you vocally support certain things, and you should think hard if you can pay that potential price.

I am somewhat upset that I discovered these AFTER I bought and upgraded my last RPi 4b.

I would have been willing to dish out the extra cashola for the flexibility that the UM350 provides. :/
(upgradable storage, RAM, etc.)

Anyone know of any other SBC's with this capability?


Final battle scenes of Castlevania Symphony of the Night for PlayStation 

I finally slayed Dracula tonight! Ive been working on this game for over 6 months.

It was an awesome play through definitely recommend.

I finished this on my phone but I have it on my RPi too where I prefer to play it.

HMU if you want the rom.

Ok, Everyone do your part and put a flag emoji in your Twitter handle.

This is what we've been training for.

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