Can anyone recommend a good GPS app for IOS?

I’m currently looking at OsmAnd Maps.

Know of any others?

What Password Manager would you recommend? 😃

Just watched .

The dog was my favorite part. I would like to buy his merchandise plz.

Have a video.

Does anyone know if iPad cameras can be harvested and connected to the Raspberry Pi?

I’m asking particularly about Gen 3 IPads.

Here is a pic for reference.

How did I come to fedi?

Well... I knew about it from Drew DeVault... and then I was bored during the pandemic and set up a masto instance :P

Here you are in the Fediverse.

What do you owe credit to introducing you to the Fediverse/FOSS?

Remember to take your meds and hydrate!

and eat your fruits and veggies.

....and get off my lawn.

**Who is right?**👇

I said; “I think FOSS is the future of tech. Distributed work across the world will produce the next cutting edge stuff.”

They said; “Maybe. But a lot of FOSS people (particularly in America) are hobbyists. There is not a need for innovation because Big Tech companies can produced the next cutting edge stuff faster and better. People aren’t inventing new things any more because they don’t need to. Big Tech has got it covered.”

At night, if you tell the first star that you see a thing that you want, you will get that thing.

-Disney 💫

and now, for the room with the most class: the classroom.


I love the new apps and wallpaper!

I especially appreciate the addition of CryptPad in addition to Etherpad. Great choice.

Jitsi and Mumble are nice additions too!

Love what y’all are doing.

“For best results try to install your new screen protector in a dust free environment.”


You will always have dust under your screen protector unless you shave your entire body and install it naked in outer space.

A relative just gave these to me!
I haven’t tested them but it looks like I’ve got 2 working LCD’s 2 cameras and 2 batteries.

Send me your project ideas!! Boosts are appreciated.

:brain0: :brain1: :brain2: :brain3:

So here’s one of the main reason why I’m still playing video games from 1990.

Pokédex says “It has an incredible ability to calm raging storms. It is said that Lugia often appears during a storm.”

Thank you for joining me on this journey. It was fun.

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