I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

help me find an old movie with no details; boosts very welcome 

Hey mastodon i need help IDing a movie and I only have a few scant childhood memories of some weird details.

I'm pretty sure it was a TV movie but it could have just been a movie on TV. It's old; this would have been the very early 90s but the movie could have been from the late 80s.

There were tunnels and the end had a few people running down one, away from some sort of pulsing creature like a giant maggot or something, and this creature was made up from like... i want to say three people in suits that fused into it or something? I don't know.

I need to find it!

Okay, it appears that my code for making doubles is as optimized as it can be for C, but it could be 40% faster if written in C++20 thanks to `std::countl_one`

Any C fanboys to prove me wrong?

writing passive-aggressive code because the uni's code reviewer called me 'lazy' for not wanting to implement his microoptimization that will save 1 nanosecond

Goddamn.. our monthly electric and gas bill is over €185 per month.. :amaze:

I think I gotta shut down our home server including PeerTube.TV and Stux.Chat.. I would love to keep it all running but I simply can't..

mstdn.social will remain ofc but I gotta cut some costs somewhere :blobcatscared:

Antivaxxes are very very weird creatures. They seem to have so much of their brand of science and conspiracies that numbers mean nothing to them

What are good mastodon servers for people who like programming?
I want to find a good instance for an online friend who loves programming, especially for the graphing calculator.


On Sunday I went to my mother's place and as I entered, the geese stopped zoning around the house and put themselves in front of the gate menacingly

I stayed there for a few minutes, grabbing a few bottles of water, and when I went out I was met with two feathered thugs insulting me in quack trying unsuccessfully to intimidate me into not getting out and taking a beating from them

In short, geese are like typical street thugs that look at you menacingly at building entrances, but with feathers

alright we just have to load this list of names nad move on to the next piece of busywork

brain: 🧠 i don't want to.
:blobcatpop: brain
🧠 no
:blobcatpop: ah fuck this is going to be one of those days we spend six hours staring at the wall until we can spend twenty minutes writing code and being done isn't it
🧠 yes

Also, my last hour of work has been doing cosmetic changes to documentation Hello

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