mildly interesting: this chemistry company in my town has a periodic table as the windows of their building.

As usual, @brainwane's writing on a complicated topic are clear, thoughtful, direct, and bring the receipts to the table: "Not The First Time We Tried (FSF, GNU, RMS, etc.)"

Another article about some technical matters: supervision.

Last one for tonight, I had this one ready for quite some time but forgot to publish it 😊

This is my opinion on the Libre/Open-Source software world. It engages only me.

It is not aimed at accusing anyone, and is by choice devoid of any name of any individual.

@naia Hey, I don't know why but your official bot followed me which makes me very confused xD

Whoever invented fold expressions for C++ may your name be sung in the heavens and circles of hell forever

please read if you have an old smartwatch you don't want anymore :boost_ok: 

hey uh

if anybody has like an old smartwatch they don't want anymore

especially if it's one of the ones on this page

(but even if it's not)

i could really use it

i used to have a galaxy watch that really helped me manage my ADHD and such

then my asshole abusive parents stole it

i've tried using a day planner but i just can't bring myself to use it consistently

having what basically amounts to a heads-up display for life on my wrist was just... perfect in every way

it made everything so much easier

so yeah if anyone has a spare smartwatch they could send my way i'd be eternally grateful and it would really help me get my shit together

my only criteria is it has to work with a samsung/android phone since that's what i have lol

please boost! :boost_ok:

The group's been convinced! We'll be making a cyberpunk metroidvania. I will insert as many references to William Gibson and Itoh Keikaku as humanly possible

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