game dev is basically psychology applied to programming
@crunklord420 @servant_of_the_anime_avatars Right to Repair is something that should basically be constitutional. Once you buy it you should be able to rice it however the fuck you want.

The best part about getting retooted and favourited is finding lots of new folks to follow! 😄

Apparently my Thinkpad from 2014 supports Windows 11

Guess I install Trisquel on it instead

Do you use LibreOffice?

Please help share.

Please tell your purposes with #LibreOffice in the comments.

I have to phone a bunch of eldelies to find some new place for my association to settle next year :blobono:

>huh how do i do X
>wait i did that last year
>let's see how I--
>jesus fuck this is some wizard shit... you're telling me *I* wrote this? get the fuck out

My colleague: :thonking: "If you want VR with the OQ2 you will need USB 3 so you will need to change your mothe..."

Me: :blobono: "USB 3 on PCIe"

Him: :blobeyes: "Wha? Oh yes computers are modular"

Hello fediverse people, does anyone has a suggestion for an E-Ink reader that is cheap, charges via a form of USB and takes SD or microSD cards ?

I would appreciate boosts on that!

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