Hey if y’all know any tech company hiring programmers in Pittsburgh, DM me.

Computer Science PhD from LSU 2015
Specialized in Computer Vision and Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence.

I know Java, C#, C/C++, Python.

cannot not think of /dev/tty in my head as "dev titty"

Cette pharmacie dijonnaise utilise Windows et voilà le résultat !

Well, fun thing is that the actual new bf of the girl is a very nice guy and he apparently have gone his way to look at my tweets and read my thread on the shitstorm and liked every single tweet.

Again a time where the nice guy have the bad role. I can't laugh at that


Bonjour le peuple qui se déplace à pattes (ou autres moyens), Roger l'aigle 🦅 vous salue !

asshole move 

asshole move 

asshole move 

Implementing a simple lisp dialect, no matter if it is the first or 100th time, just drives you insane fast enough

I don't get why people are upset when I say I am a mad scientist but laugh when I say I am a mad computer scientist

Also, if my LaTeX text editor had a time tracking feature, the usage would be through the roof right now

Mono, making my Linux unstable: systemd is fine, web browser is fine, 3 text chat softwares are fine, mono software is fine...


<archivist>: I need a temporary name for my cloud storage project, any idea ?
<mmk>: No idea
<archivist>: Okay, I'll go with the worst, Advanced Storage System
<archivist>: Lets me spell ASS in all caps in the whitepaper

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