So the new album hit the stores and the internet...have to admit: I'm very partial to the song 'Dicke titten'

So I did the math on car ownership, what else I'm I going to do on a day off, and came out at €487,16 per month for 5 years. **Gasp** Pretty sure next time, it's going to be a personal lease car for me. Also taking into consideration: by the time I own the bought car, it's only worth the price of scrap metal and rubber for the tires.

The characters have absolutely no chemistry, they all looked bored out of their skull. ☹️

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So I gave from 2015 another shot, It is bad, very bad. When I originally saw it I scored it 5/10 on I'm inclined on even going lower second time around.

I'm not religious, that's putting it mildly, but I do love me some props, so I'm doing the Cross Of Coronado. I once contemplated doing the Ark of the Covenant as a coffee table for my living room, but nixed it when looking at the costs. So I mainly stick with the smaller props 😜 Pearls for the cross are ordered and underway.

I don't have bananas in my house because I don't eat them. So whenever asks for a bana for scale I have to improvise. NO MORE: I did the next best thing: I myself a worries, it's to scale :pika:

A small shrine in my living room. Typewriter is from 1937 and holds the 1st page of the script from Grail is resin printed, Indy bust, idol and amulet are FDM printed on my . These movies definitely left an impression on who I am, showing right from wrong and they did it in a fun way. ?

1st impressions: v3.17 looks very nice, it took my Morphos.key after some insisting. What I don't understand is why these guys are painting themselves into a corner. The PowerPC architecture is ancient, my PowerPC is still running but it will inevitably fail due to age. They really should make the switch to the 64 bit Intel/AMD platform or even Apple's ARM platform. I definitely see myself buying a MacBook Air to run a modern version of

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Just made some better pictures, and want to show off what an amazing Mini-ITX case this is: Room for SSD/Blu-Ray recorder, 5 slot card station, Mini-ITX motherboard and integrated system fan. Sure you could hack a real but why do the effort if this exists? Currently running a Celeron Quadcore, because a Ryzen need extra fans, losing the card station at the side :mycomputer: ⌨️

Testing out the -like operating system for PowerPCs This is why I initially bought the Power Mac G5. Haven't looked at it since v3.04, will check out what v3.17 brings. Oh and luckily I still own 1 monitor blessed with a VGA port, or my testing would be a no go. HDMI to DVI did not work for me.

CBS Canceled I'm very much not okay with it. Share the petition and get us a season 5

I absolutely abhor the beach, sand and sun, but watching on would make me reconsider and book a vacation at what looks like summer paradise. Could be the neatly organized parasols filmed from above, or the absolutely gorgeous people populating the series.

I swear: Apple just ripped off the send registration icon from the program. Or as they would call it when caught, an homage 🏆

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Felt like messing with some stuff today: Installed OSX Leopard back on my Mac Pro G5, I bought initially to run . Don't mind the golden I'm running out of space to put all the retro computing goodness. Next up: Install my and drives. Why? Just because...

Remember in TV show the boys slid into the car because the door were welded shut? For the life of me: I can't remember ever seeing them arrive at the scene and crawling awkwardly out of the car. I suspect the process was less cool than the slide-in 😂

Watching another episode of and lolling pretty hard at the coroner's greeting to our dynamic duo: 'Detective Beckett and Defective Castle' ...They have a troubled relationship 😬

More PiStorm sandwich joy. Wow, that took some tinkering to get going. Installed Workbench 3.1 on the virtual harddisk because I had that on floppies. It’s FAST. Going to end up with 3.2.1 eventually I think. #Amiga #A500 #PiStorm #LazarusStorm #Retrocomputing

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