A few years ago I made me some wooden pallets to scale to use as drink coasters, which has been working out great. It did bug me I didn't have a forklift to the same scale to drive around my drinks. I remedied that with the help of . And in case you were wondering: No, I'll never grow up 😜 Forklift is PLA plastic, tires are flexible filament, which I thought was a nice detail.

Just discovered 's on Deezer: This rocks, discos or whatever so hard! Every song fit for use as an awesome track for a movie

I just backed 'Our Fusion Retro Books 2023 Annuals Kickstarter'


A ZZap64 2023 and an Amiga Format 2023 coming my way in December '22. Who knew mid 1990's, when commodore failed, we would still get to enjoy mags in 2022?

Ordering at Domino's for home delivery. This week is 30% off which is great. The 30% off lands me below the threshold for home delivery, so I have to order additional products I don't want or need just to get them to deliver. Somehow that doesn't seem right, does it?

I'm a huge fan of James Cameron's creation: The Terminator. I just got an epiphany about the 1st movie: as soon as the flesh burned off from the metal endoskeleton it was for all intent and purposes, mute. That means the robot needs the flesh vocal cords to produce sound, just like us. What else am I going to do on a Sunday than pondering about the Terminator universe?

Just put 'Death by Rock 'n' Roll' as my epitaph . Courtesy of The Pretty Reckless, but it if it fits, it fits ;-) youtube.com/watch?v=BX6KILafIS

Almost at the end of 'Nash Bridges' last season, season 6. 2 funny Nash-isms: Whatever blows up your skirt, Bubba' and 'Get it? Got it? Good!' Sadly English isn't my 1st language because I would use them daily 😜

battle damaged shield is coming along nicely. I used so much filament I think it really would stop a bullet 😜 Can't wait to add scuff marks

To their credit: the casting decision back in 1999 to choose Ewan McGregor as a young Obi-Wan was spot on. He's aging into a beautiful rendition of an older Alec Guniness. 👍

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Watching 's In a flashback Ben and Anakin are training with live light swords. Can you imagine Kendo practitioners training with sharped Samurai swords, sans protective gear? I see many amputees among your members going forward 🤣

Bought a new fridge and had my niece and nephew provide some artwork to adorn it. Both are very talented ☺️

I'm not a native English speaker but my favorite English word is 'Copasetic' this ends the public announcement for today

Didn't know what to watch, settled on and you know what: I enjoyed every second of it. Oh yes, Seth Rogen is your Every Man no doubt.

Sis in law just gave me a nugget of truth: "Isn't 90% of what you do related to past technology?"

Well shit she's right...as a kid obsessed with what the future will bring (SciFi), as an adult obsessed with retro gaming / retro everything. Completely immersed with iPod Classics now...obsolete way of listening to music.

The lengths I will go: Downloading an Apple Big Sur virtual image for VirtualBox so that I can use tools to jailbreak my mom's Apple TV 3. What do you mean it's end of life? Not on my fucking watch 😂 Installing KODI or Death!

Watching Netflix and just had a laughing fit. Subjects are on some sugestive drugs and the line is: Heather, put a sock in it! Heather complies and starts removing her sock from her foot...🤣😂 Yeah, I'm easily amused, I know 🤩

Just finished installing the firmware on my 7th Gen . Where have you been all my life? Just drop the music with a file browser and GO! No more iTunes, yuk 🤮 , no more playlists, just navigate and play. And oodles of settings & options. You know: the things Apple decides for you what is correct with no choice given 😂 More info: rockbox.org/

Hey Amazon: Glad I paid for Prime, I see that my package is scheduled for delivery on 31 December 2024 🤪 I don't need it next day per se, but this estimate is ridiculous. 😅

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