@selea @jeff if you're gonna go to browsers we can talk about invidious

@cobra @selea wow, that is totally new for me. I was checking it out and looks awesome. Thanks.

@AgreeableLandscape looks awesome. I'd never heard of it, until now. Thanks.

@jeff @AgreeableLandscape
Invidious is so good. Its even better than stuff like NewPipe. Its just youtube but private.

@calciume @AgreeableLandscape yeah, it's a shame it hasn't an app for mobile, though. That's why I prefer NewPipe for that purpose.

Yeah, I personally dont mind using the browser. Invidious looks great on mobile browsers too.

@jeff @calciume I think NewPipe uses the same technique to get videos as Invidious.

@AgreeableLandscape @jeff Yes although newpipe lacks the ability to do stuff like sorting a channel by popular, Not being able to see replies from comments, no option to view reddit comments on a video. They are small things but a missed opportunity imo.

@calciume @jeff I honestly find not seeing comment replies on YouTube a blessing in disguise. The top level comments are usually fine, the replies are where the trolls and general unpleasantness hide.

@AgreeableLandscape @jeff On rare occasion it can be good + im too curious for my own good.

@jeff If you’re looking to support the content creators they actually get a bigger cut from YT premium views.

Another reason to stick with Custom Android ROMs.
Because Android is Open Source, Google gets to be not as vendor locking as Apple.

This could be the only positive thing I can say about Google.

Different people have different needs. I use eOS and recommend to many. I also used and loved Lineage OS.
But I would not recommend any ROM with built in Google services. So, no Pixel Experience.

@murtezayesil I'm trying to avoid Google services as much as posible. I deleted Gmail client, YouTube, Google Photos except Play Store. Yet I haven't found a custom ROM compatible with my phone (Xiaomi Redmi 9) :(.

Frankly, when I am gonna shop for a phone, I check the download page of the ROM I will use. This way I know it has support by at least 1 custom ROM that I would use.
Sounds like you need a trustworthy VPN and patience (or bravery for compiling your own builds for your device).

Edit: you may want to check this:

Please be careful while installing a ROM. Nobody but you are respensible if anything go wrong.

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