Yes it was removed because it contained no value and pdns cleaned them up because updates from your zone would not work otherwhise.

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Oh, thanks for the explanation.

I am bit relieved now.

Is there a feature in PDNS manager to clean up entry automatically ?

So after an entry removed in cleaning up, do I've create an entry ?

I am using a mobile device/network for ddns updating.

at times, it gives blank to update. Working on it.



Yes, you have to recreate the record.

If the record is empty - the DNS Master is unable to send the new updated records to the slaves and that renders your zone unusable when you are updating other records because they are not propagated.
What mobile client do you use?

I've mobile phone. Motorola G5 plus with Termux+OpenSSH, and mothers is Samsung J2 (Termux/OpenSSH).

I use my mobile devices to Rsync, remote manage and I am testing out remote trouble shoot with mom's mobile phone.

Things are messy here.

this is script running on cron job every 5 mins.

ddnsv4=$(ifconfig rmnet0 | grep -m 1 "inet" | awk -F' ' '{print $2}' | cut -c 6-)

curl "****&password=****&content=$ddnsv4"

ddnsv6=$(ip -6 addr | grep inet6 | awk -F '[ \t]+|/' '{print $3}' | grep -v ^::1 | grep -v ^fe80 | awk 'NR==2')

curl "****&password=****&content=$ddnsv6"


I've issue with my network. My network assigned IPv4 address is always different one from other Website or API detecting.

So I've depend on retrieving IPv4 from device itself.



Clever solution :)

If you want to receive ipv4, you can use instead, it is hosted by a friend of mine

No buddy,

it is not possible. I was facing this issue quite some years.

The problem is that numerous mobile operators in India hides mobile device public IP address with a common public IP address.

So the actual IPv4 is never detected accurately by any web services.

here is what showing me,
but my actual device IP

I tried number Online services including.,

Lucky, IPv6 is working and detecting properly for me here.

So I am much depend on IPv6.



Well, your device is behind a NAT so you are getting a class A network, it is quite common

Well, I guess it is not "NAT".

I do use mobile devices with mobile data & wifi router.

My laptop uses mobile broadband which puts me behind NAT.

One solution is IPv6 works charmly and IPv4 is not. I tried setting up NAT entries but ports are detected but showing as filtered.

The reason, I assure is that my mobile devices is not behind NAT is that, these devices are assigned IPv6 & IPv4 individually.

I use the script to detect IPv4 & 6 to send to DDNS API.

for my laptop, I am using with IPv6 .



Sorry that is caused problems, but they automatic job is running every few hours and it is to have a healthy DNS-environment.

As of now, I am depending on for accurate DDNS updating.

curl -s

this is accurately auto detect IPv6. all I run this curl command with cron job. No script needed.

For PDNS manager, it is in stalled development for this method,

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