Just added replies to posts on #Goldfish! :goldfish: :blobcheerwitch:

Repo is also updated: github.com/Goldfish-Social/Gol

As is the platform: goldfish.social

For now many things require an account. I'll fix that later!

I could save it for tomorrow, to improve colors/proportions, but I'm an impulsive little shit, who'd loose interest, so here it is

also, those thingies are antenae

Facebook messages used to prosecute teen for having an abortion 

Couple things about this:

1. It is a risk with any text communications system that isn't end-to-end encrypted
2. At least they had to get a warrant. Some companies, in particular telcos, don't even ask for a warrant in all cases.

So, don't use Facebook, not because they did what they were legally required to and turned over this person's messages, but because they don't have end-to-end encryption.


Made the untitled ActivityPub project display posts, with the content warnings and all, but the boosted posts make it slow AF, cuz i load all the relevant info for each post in one go, instead of using async, like an idiot.
Also, I'm not using any js framework and the ui is constructed on the server side, which sure is nice for the antiJS folks, but I think imma make a Kotlin-ReactJS client (cuz react js is the only option for kotlin, not cuz i want to rely on facebook tech)

I = good person
racist = bad person
Therefore, I =/= racist

People don't want to be labeled a bad person. But having prejudicial thoughts does not make you a bad—on the contrary, wrestling with those prejudices is what makes you a better person.

If im making a social media platform that will support in the future, is it better to use a numeric user id, separate from the handle (so that the handle can be changed in the future), or no?

Is there something like pinterest or deviantart in the ? I know of pixelfed, but is there anything else image-oriented?

NSFW: Dude in underwear 

Im not sure how i feel about this style yet..., like i rly like gradients, but this is crispier or something

The packaging is so pretty, it deserves to be displayed!!! and im very happy cuz i got robot camo for my framework

I have a great idea for a , picture it: A between a techy twink & a hunky fbi agent in his computer

bruh, i just heard "The idea of male and female are universal constants" in startrek 🤦

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