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Hey, I go by Wydamn. I'm a programmer, a college student, and a jack of all trades. I've been using Linux since 2006.

This isn't the first time I've switched social media platforms, but it could be the last? I'm enjoying it here so far!

Between school and work, I upload my gameplay videos, and I'm currently playing through Elden Ring. Follow me if you have some interests in common with me, I'll probably follow you back!

Briefly contemplated a new OLED monitor before remembering that I have to use my money to pay my existing bills like a responsible adult.

My current dual monitor setup is a Samsung 22-inch 1680x1050 monitor I bought used $20 from a thrift store, and a Samsung 20-inch 1600x900 monitor that I had bought new, but it was so long ago that it's probably older than the other one.

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Also Apex Legends and Factorio tend to eat up all the free time that I'd like to use for other games too lol

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making money at work is nice, but I just wish I got more time to do all the things I want.

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making a libre foss gnu chat/video call app and calling it rms teams

This is for coding projects by the way. I realize people could also use any of the above methods for lots of other file management purposes too!

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Okay, which one is actually the best option, assuming I am the only user?

Political memes with one of those Toptext-bottomtext websites. WHY?!?

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@wydamn asking this genuinely as someone that owns multiple MacBook pros and Mac studio for my business and uses Linux and windows on pc. Is there a laptop available today that comes close to a MacBook Pro? If there is I’m interested but I just find my professional life as a developer is better on MacBooks.

Not sure how I feel about the new Linux release. On the one hand, it means mac users are a step closer to getting the PC experience with Linux. On the other hand, it may mean some Linux-users will be giving money to Apple. Conflicted.

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Itchio extended Creator's Day due to a bug in the direct payment system! Link from their twitter:

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I have found my favourite and very widely applicable sign for many future situations

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Music, solarpunk, impressions, noob, very inaccurate. Continuing from other toot. 

I guess we NEED to think solarpunk from the perspective of southern cultures and peripheral regions of the world, there's no solution coming out from other paths (even if it is fiction lol)... the music I know from the new twilight scene is from Brazil and has a bunch of references on pan flute, andean music, bossa nova, new wave and other stuff from latin america (even brazilian funk), african music, despite it is synthesized music, so maybe this is the kind of dialogue possible? With solarpunk? Hmmm... so many thoughts...

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Whenever you're playing a video game, no matter what video game it is: always get the feather, it's always the best item.

Sometimes if I'm just feeling lazy or don't have enough time to shave my face, I just use a beard trimmer on a 1 or 2.

are there any decent arena out there with an online community these days with proper support?

The last one I was really into was Live, but that was before they scrapped the whole browser-plugin idea and switched to a Windows-only client. (I also really liked the browser-plugin idea, even though the implementation had some flaws).

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my parents dragged me along to church with them and the pastor just gave a sermon where he used the fucking emoji movie as an analogy throughout the whole thing wtf

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