After testing newsboat for quite some times I've decided that it'll fit my needs so now I've spent a day to tweak it.
I've started to share some of them here but eventually found the motivation to put them all here if you're interested:

@joel I don't have my own server and it may be overkill for my needs.

@wwwgem oh sorry I thought you already had it.

Btw it's a free freshrss provider which is kinda epic

@joel I'm thinking about having one for quite a time but I couldn't justify the real need for it and the maintenance that comes with it ;) I'll check on your link. BTW, I'm still confused about using a server for such purposes. Could you educate me here?

@wwwgem yes, you can sync the read and favorited articles, categories and such, from pretty much any device via the webUI or using clients with support for the apis

@joel Thanks for the explanations. For whatever reasons I'm not really into stuff sync. I'll have to find another excuse to get my own server ^^

@wwwgem I made a freshrss theme that follows the Nord color scheme %)

@wwwgem I would not really consider it "sync"

Think of it as an email server, but instead of emails you get articles and you don't have to get confused about what you already opened and such...

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