For those of you who are using newsboat as their rss feeder, the use of macros is nice but I found it bothering to have to activate a given macro every single time before you want to use it.
Hence, thanks to the power of this tool, I came up with this simple command in my config: browser ~/.config/newsboat/browser
The referenced file is a shell script that recognize the type of link I'm trying to open and will use the appropriate tool to do so.


BTW, to prevent applications from printing messages and warnings over newsboat interface use this in the config file:
browser "~/.config/newsboat/browser >/dev/null 2>&1"

@wwwgem Thank you @joel for pointing me to this thread! I find this way of handling images interesting and will try it when I re-activate newsboat!

When I was trying to view images a while ago, this was my setup. I had the screenshotted script running in a second terminal (full script in alt text) and the newsboat configuration was:

external-url-viewer "tee /tmp/newsboat-image-viewer.fifo"

This made use of the kitty terminal's image viewer, but of course that can be tweaked to other programs.

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