I need to work on my git to share all my config and dotfiles but in the meantime I thought I would share my daily cli tools that makes my life wonderful. I'm eager to get your feedback and learn about what you're using.

tiling wm: dwm
terminal: alacritty
terminal multiplexer: tmux
shell: zsh (with fzf zsh completion)

**Usual tools replacement**
sudo: doas
cat: bat
find: fd
cp/mv: advcpmv
ls: exa
htop: zenith

**CLI tools in alphabetical order**
buku = web browser bookmarks manager
fzf = fuzzy-finder
khal = calendar
neomutt (with glow for markdown rendering) = email client
newsboat = rss feeder
noglob (zsh feature) = batch files renaming
pass = passwords manager
rofi = my omnibar (i.e. launcher for web search, bookmarks/passwords management, music player, and a LOT more)
stow = dotfiles manager

text editor: nvim
nvim plugins:
nvim-treesitter (parser generator tool and an incremental parsing library)
nvim-orgmode (orgmode for nvim)
akinsho/org-bullets (orgmode headers symbols)
dhruvasagar/vim-table-mode (table creator and formatter)
Townk/autoclose (automatically add a matching character counterpart when typing)
AlessandroYorba/alduin (dark low-contrast colorscheme)
xiyaowong/nvim-transparent (makes neovim fully transparent)

nvim plugins (more):
karb94/neoscroll (smooth scrolling)
SirVer/ultisnips (snippsets)
simnalamburt/vim-mundo (advanced undo with history)
jdhao/better-escape (faster escape from insert mode)
junegunn/fzf (asynchronous Lua API for using fzf)
michaelb/sniprun (code runner and testing inside neovim)

nvim plugins (end):
ggandor/leap (in-text navigation)
preservim/vim-markdown (syntax highlighting, matching rules and mappings for the original Markdown)
vimwiki/vimwiki (organize notes and ideas and quickly create links between them)
ap/vim-css-color (render colors of color names)
doronbehar/nvim-fugitive (git wrapper)


trash-cli = trash management
tut = mastodon client
ucollage = image viewer
udevil = (un)mounting removable devices and networks without a password
ytfzf = youtube search/download and more

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