Well this sucks, I am locked out of online banking..
Due to EU regulations online banking cannot use SMS or paper authentication methods anymore, requiring the use of "secure" mobile applications instead. 🤦‍♂️

So now you need an Android or iOS running mobile phone to do tasks that a simple web browser was capable of before.
The new "app" is quite the disaster, contains ads, introduces fees and sometimes doesn't even work at all.
What an improvement! play.google.com/store/apps/det

Oh this is even worse than I thought.

- requires location access (won't work otherwise)
- transactions can use "push notifications", which basically means it goes through google servers, great security and privacy!

Since I do not have PlayStore on my phone, not sure what to do..
Using random apks from the internet seems like a terrible idea, even more for such crucial things as banking.

Obviously the application is not open-source, so won't make it to F-Droid or related services.

😦 😔 😞

@falktx Have you tried aurora-store.en.uptodown.com/a ? I'm not using Google Play for years now but only this store. You can basically download APK offer on Google Play without a google play account which eliminate the random APK security issues.

@wwwgem I replied to someone else about this, really do not trust such services for crucial things as online banking. we should not have to go to such weird steps for basic living necessities.

@falktx I totally agree with you. This app is valid though (you can verify yourself) but again we should not have to find workarounds. That's a general issue in our modern life. If you're not following the mass and use the only tool you're told to use then you're on your own. That's why we eventually need those workarounds even though they would not be needed in a world respectful of your freedom (in all meanings).

@wwwgem I am fine with workarounds when they are sensible ones. Some stuff is just too much though.
And if no one complains and fights back, it is only going to get worse..


@falktx I'm sharing your thoughts and that's why people think I'm living outside of this world because I'm now part of this unique community who communicates/shares/gets "informed"/learns... using the same unique tool for each need. The topic of changing people minds and habits and the rationale for promoting one tool vs another is too vast but it's a fact that laziness is the best promoter for tools that consider customers as a product. Everyone make choices, I made mines.

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