I eventually took 10 minutes to write a very quick post to talk about Mastodon and especially the TUI tut.

@wwwgem hello fellow coffee enjoyer. Great blog, I think I'll give tut a try.
BTW, maybe I can give you a hand with your CSS, its kinda too much to the right

@joeligj12 Hello sir. Any help is always appreciated. I didn't put much efforts into the HTML version to be honest since I really use it to promote Gemini to a more broad audience :)

@joeligj12 (the CSS should actually be centered). Let me know what you think of tut. I really like to hear others' opinions, you always learn so much.

@wwwgem Friendo - check this blog, its made on gemini and then transformed to HTML. It does this kinda automatically, and its pretty good. I might give it a try on my own site soon

@joeligj12 Thanks for sharing. I'm actually using gmi-web ( which I have included as part of another homemade script. I may look into this one by curiosity. With several instances of my capsule and websites in 2 languages I have 4 personal scripts to convert the text, adapt the links, update the last posts notes, and create the feeds.

@wwwgem Hey I did dome modifications to your css, it didnt look good on mobile, so, I added it to my site (I dont use it, but that way you can access it lol)

@joeligj12 Thanks ! CSS is so weird, I've spent 20 minutes to have it looked good on my mobile and apparently it doesn't looks good on yours. I'll use your edited version ASAP. Thanks for your time!

@wwwgem no problem! I havent seen you in the IRC chat that often, don't you use it?

@joeligj12 I don't because 1) the "tuto" file or whatever they call it is unavailable to me but nobody get back to me when I raised that issue, 2) I'm not really social ^^ Mastodon is definitely an exception.

@joeligj12 I logged into irc because of you :) I have to say that I feel a little bit alone in our community right now with only 3 other sleeping people ^^

@wwwgem it looked decent, but the header's ascii art did made a huge horizontal scrollbar, I added the pre element to css so it gets its own scrollbar instead of the whole site

@joeligj12 I love the community and talk to my family here :) BTW, I've tried your CSS but it's just ignored. Weird... I'll take a closer look at it later.

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