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I just can't even. GOP Talking Head Bill Mitchell can't figure out why Democrats/Liberals don't want old Republican voters to not die of covid19.

(birdsite via a Nitter instance)

Disheartening to see so much plastic pollution and it's not fault of the consumer, it's the producers that push their products as the only option. Why can't we go back to returnable/reusable glass containers? We did it before with less production and distribution technology. There's no excuse we can't do it again with modern production and distribution capabilities at lower cost than before.


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Want a crash course in how to identify surveillance technologies at protests?

Watch our video explainer and learn:

🔦Where to look for these technologies
🔦How they look
🔦How they function
🔦How they are used by police
🔦What kind of data they collect

Took a long time but finally got my shares working the way i wanted. This whole time i though setting mask file permissions was the same as samba user permissions. Finally closed like more than 20 tabs figuring this out. Also learned that “read only = no” takes priority over “write list = user1 user3”, giving everyone write permissions, even users you dont want to give write access to.

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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier & homemade pizza. This is my version of a wild night.

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