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RT You start out stealing songs, then you're robbing liquor stores, and selling crack and running over schoolkids with your car.


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people who use the hyper terminal:

why do you do this to yourself?

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menu: items marked [GF] are gluten free
me: understandable, got it
menu: it doesn't mean girlfriend
me: yeah, i know
menu: ice water [GF]
me: the-- the ice water is my girlfriend? how?? is she okay???

does someone need spanish translation of their project? #foss #floss #opensource boosts appreciated lots

OK fine. you guys wanted feet pics. here you go 😏😏 20$ for 10 more, DM me for my paypal💕

my endless dilemma:

- i start projects
- i stop working on those projects half-way
- now i want to make another project that's this one but better/ different

report por tonto
@MsGay_And_Watch @IidiaRock1 exacto, yo por ejemplo tengo un sueño, me gustaría ser un dictador y torturar en campos de concentración a todo el que no piense como yo asta que cambien, pero se que está mal y si fuera un dictador no haría eso

"I like to add � and ’ any time I submit online forms because I know that some developer is going to see it and wonder if they have a bug"

me: you dont have to be a boy or a girl. you can be a friggin mermaid if you want.
my 5 yr old sister: i wanna be a mermaid but i dont wanna be a friggin mermaid
shes crying bc we are all laughing

The free libre open source analytics software Matomo (formerly known as Piwik) is now on the fediverse:


They also have a website:

The software costs nothing if you self-host, and they also offer a paid hosted option for people who prefer it.

Unlike Google Analytics, Matomo's data stays entirely on the site that uses it. No one else has access to it, so there's no way for it to be aggregated across many sites.

#DeleteGoogle #Analytics #Matomo #Piwik #FLOSS

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Linux is like pizza - everyone likes it different and you can have it as you want! This community strives to connect developers, sysadmins, network technicians or any other person who is interested in technology. As the name suggest, we do like Linux We also provide a mirror for various distros and a hosted searx instance for anyone to use: