I'm one of the newcomers from Twitter (was on mastodon\.host a few years ago, but it seems to have disappeared)

Am a *nix geek really (hence the username), obviously now doing more cloud stuff to stay alive.

You may know me from, or possibly from the more Bash-focussed "Shell Scripting: Expert Recipes" book which is, well, more aimed at book-buyers, as it happens....

Anyway, glad to be here on, hope to be a bit more active!

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@unixsteve is such an awesome project. It's a great starting point to shell scripting.

@markontech thanks, it started as an intranet document for a small firm I worked for, so I think the fact it was written for an already somewhat tech audience helped to give it the balance of "here's a way in" without being too patronising.

Whatever it is - people have found it useful, and I'm happy for that

@unixsteve Welcome! I did not know you made, I have used it lots of times for my personal scripts, it has saved me a ton of time.

But anyways, welcome to, a part of the much wider Fediverse network! If you have any questions or issues then feel free to @ me.

@unixsteve welcome, I'm new here too, thanks for creating those shell resources which have found super helpful!

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