come on why arent you all trying to shove me into a locker while i call you linux nerds go on humiliate me with some linux knowledge

@thesongwithfivenames W... What?!

What kind of "linux nerds" communities are you used to? 🤨

@alejandrobdn gonna be honest ive never interacted with any in my life i used it a couple times three years ago and then came here just to make the linux nerds post
also i really like your pfp

@thesongwithfivenames @selea I bet you think "xterm" is a shell.
*rummages around in its #bsdm equipment*
Soo... ropes or should we talk about parameters for tar?

@wakame o great linux knowledger i just wanted to add i like your banner

@thesongwithfivenames I am actually now working on a new one, the pixelart CD cover for my fake metal band "Pink Fluffy Unicorns".
But by my current speed, the current banner might stay for a few more weeks 😁

@wakame lets fuckin go ill keep the profile bookmarked just to see when it changes

@thesongwithfivenames what you are referring to as linux nerds are actually GNU/Linux nerds, or as I have recently taken to calling them GNU plus Linux nerds.

@thesongwithfivenames I'd probably just stick an sticker on your locker 🤣 And, it's probably magnetic, some of those actual stickers are really hard to take off 😎

@JSkier no what the fuck now im gonna accidentally take it off being even more humiliated by needing to get down onto the floor to get it

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