what the hell i thought ethernet was just a nerdy way of saying internet

what the fuck is the linux penguin doing near leaves that bitch is supposed to be at the antarctic get him back

hey everybody whats up today i will be smoking weed with the linux penguin

damn i felt like a celebrity for a whole two days waking up with thirteen notifs over linux nerds and my other questionable requests for them

kudos to how funny you guys are and how well you received the linux nerds posting

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i like you guys i dont remember shit about linux but you guys are nice

come on why arent you all trying to shove me into a locker while i call you linux nerds go on humiliate me with some linux knowledge

gonna go out on a limb and say you eat pizza while socially doing linux

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wow this post banged pretty hard with the aforementioned nerds

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oh ugh this website that has linux in the url is full of linux nerds

what is is what is not what is what whats up party people


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