Hello World!

My first post and thoroughly confused by the fediverse.

This will take time to get used to.

@tetchey Feel free to ask for help if you need it. :)

@tetchey Welcome!

I read someone who had a very good analogy for how it all works. Think of it as being like Harry Potter. Your local instance is like your house, the rooms of people you live with. Federated posts are like going to the lunch hall where everyone from all the other houses meet up.

@tetchey Yes it will, but I have only been on since late yesterday.. You adjust pretty quickly.

Much better than Twitter IMHO 😎 😅

A couple of weeks in and I am getting the hang of it. I guess it was jumping in and following random people that I found weird, leading to some confusion over the various thought streams people put out there.

@tetchey bienvenido, si tiens dudas pregunta, estaremos encantados de compartir nuestrios conocimientos.

Un grafico interactivo de lo que s el fediverse aunque faltan redes en este grafico.

El fediverdse es una red de redes las cuales a su vez cada red se forma en nodos/instancias em las cuales e encuentran los usurios.

Y un poc mas d einfo en este enlace >>>

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