I downloaded via yesterday, running the native Linux client. Is it me or is this version much faster and smoother than the Windows counterpart? I haven't played Factorio in a long time so I'm stoked to see what updates have come out since then.

Also Doom Eternal Horde Mode is next Tuesday!!!! Been waiting for this game mode for a very long time. Let's just hope my install doesn't break . . . Lutris and Bethesda Launcher hate each other.

Mastadon seems like a really cool place for tech discussions and findings, however this morning, it's all about . I hope I can find some filters so I don't have to read anything about politics, sexism, racism, etc. I'm about being positive, not negative. If I wanted soapbox speeches, I would go to the cesspool that is .

I really hope that next week's sale has Doom Eternal down to a decent price. I really miss playing that game. However, I'm also really sick and tired of what has become. DRM, everybody having a launcher, DLCs, etc. Why can't we just enjoy the game?

It's really sad I can't play Doom Eternal via Lutris because of some DRM BS. Never again will I buy a game outside of Steam or GOG.

Setup on my LAN, but having a little trouble getting NGINX Proxy Manager to direct proper port traffic depending on the radio station. It’s a cool concept with one major flaw: you MUST upload all of your music. Got it on a NAS or network share already? Can’t use it.

Would love to be able to just specify a playlist of songs and stream them over my LAN.

As expected, the 14" MacBook Pro is going to be too rich for my blood. It's super impressive tech, but for what I'll be doing, I think a maxed out MacBook Air will be a good justification for the price.

Ever have so much on your to do list that you've forgotten what all you need to do?

First week back with and I'm just in love. So smooth and fast, I don't know why there is so much hate for it online. Gnome might not have all the bells and whistles, but it is a good middle ground between KDE and XFCE. So glad I'm back on Linux.

Ordered a 64GB USB flash drive to keep some offline music in the car. Debating on buying another 128GB USB flash drive to have some offline content like Wikipedia, small websites I enjoy, YouTube MP3s and MP4s, and maybe some highly encrypted and compressed archives of important documents. Never know when you need it!

I'm so rusty in . Just spent an hour re-learning sets, lists, and arrays. Why? So I can grab the top 5 most used words in /r/EarthPorn submission titles (top of today). Right now, it's "Canada".

I think I need better project ideas.

Learned something new about today. Enable the Arc Menu extension and give it the "Runner" setup/config. Instead Gnome-styled dmenu or krunner in Gnome!

Re-setup my server with instead of a traditional setup. Not only did I waste 2 hours wondering why port 8008 wasn’t working (I didn’t specify the port in the docker compose file, sigh) but I found that my Proxy Manager logs were huge and needed to be wiped. Guess what I’ll be documenting tomorrow?

On a final note, my install has been working wonderfully! Super smooth all around.

Something was "off" with my and install from 2 days ago. Animations like switching between virtual desktops were choppy, searching the package manager hung up a few times when searching for apps, BT devices never want to connect quickly, and the Latte dock/panels seemed to drag everything down. Not sure what was going on with it.

I'm back on and everything just works. Almost went with but I still want a little eye candy.

Where is the best place to get good wallpapers now a days?

Ok, first day using KDE on my primary workstation. Having all the options, bells and whistles is nice, but some times overwhelming. Trying to find the right Latte dock/panel combination to make things functional, while pleasing to the eye. It’s nice that games just work and my favorite apps are ready to go. Still seeing some performance hiccups with though, kinda odd.

Well, I'm back on , this time a edition/flavor. So far, the edition was a smoother in terms of OOTB; my BT wasn't auto connecting with my keyboard and I had to edit a config file. Also, it feels a little heavier for some reason. Let's see how things go with this run.....

Ever just feel really happy? I’m happy and grateful this morning that we are home, I’m sipping coffee, browsing the web and doing homelab stuff while the wife is still asleep and my son is looking through toy catalogs. It’s so quiet and peaceful. What a wonderful morning!

After playing around with Flame this morning, I think this just might be a great alternative as a custom home page. It’s simple: Applications (self-hosted of course), Bookmarks and Weather. There is also an integrated search that supports and other items too. If you are into self hosting or are looking for a fresh start page, check them out here: github.com/pawelmalak/flame

Finally home and ready to crash/recharge from a long drive.

Made some notes this week on some projects and tasks I’d like to kick off next week!

Being in the mountains of North Carolina with little Internet access has really opened my eyes to relying way too much on cloud services. I’m currently looking into what tools I can use (that makes sense to use) that are intrusive and have offline access.

Downloaded an audiobook and it was split into multiple disc folders with 10-15 MP3s inside. I was able to use and the "PyDub" library to combine all MP3s per disc into a single MP3 file, add a JPG cover and all metadata. Only took 15-20 minutes to put it all together too! Ready now to hit the road and have an audio book to listen to without having to tap on each MP3 file!

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