What can you advice to easily bridge and for @briar?

For Tails I use just friendica's function to import an rss feed.

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@pouyeh @briar
does it allow me to only send posts from twitter to mastodon without the retweets?

@syster @briar
Honestly, i don't know. You should take a look. I use it to mirror my toots on twitter and it is possible to exclude boosts.

@syster @briar

U want _what_?
Why then do you use highgrade anonymising tools?

@wuffel @briar
I wish that the posts from the official social media account of briar, which is unfortunately still at twitter, mirrors these posts to the mastodon account

@syster @briar I would actually recommend using the networks separately. The cloning is annoying, RTs or replies are missing context, etc.
I think you will get more value out of using those as two separate things.

@threed @briar
I would not include RT's and replies for the mentioned reasons.

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