How do you feel about @tails being at

To make the question more precise:

How do you feel about being at this particular instance?

Personaly i reallu like it. Easier way to keep up with one of my favoritt distro

@syster I'm happy with it. It makes sense as an instance for TAILS, and I'm glad the project didn't got with

@syster bad, also I dont use tail, but bad still

@syster @tails I don't boost Tails toots because I know a lot of folks out there find fosstodon problematic. I'd boost much more if Tails moved to an instance with a more pleasant community, a robust moderator team, and a less wishy washy code of conduct.

@syster @lunar being on this instance sucks, fossbros are a plague, this instance content is shameful

find one with proper moderation rules and a nice policy

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