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Punk an' Spice would be a crazy tribute band name.

You ever be scooping coffee into your coffee maker and your mind wanders for like two seconds and you catch yourself putting way too much coffee in?

Somethin' weird about this sunscreen: It says "apply liberally," but if you use any more than is necessary to cover an area of skin you end up looking like you're in the Blue Man Group.

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Psychology is a funny thing. It can help you to understand fairy tales, mythology, and heavy metal song titles :-)

Self-care is important because your body is the vessel through which your senses tell you about the world, and your mind the apparatus with which you evaluate the world. If you fail to maintain these tools and keep them sharp, you end up adrift amid the chaos of Being.

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#GameDev poll

Doing a retro game, I'm considering using the PC speaker for very select sound effects. Thing is, while this is entirely possible, I don't know if it's actually desirable.

I've chosen not to accept my $10k in .

That's not my money, that's your money. That's money the government taxed from you. It shouldn't be used for my benefit. It shouldn't be used to relieve my responsibility for the bad investments I've made. That's not right. It's not fair to you and it's not good for me. We both deserve better than that.

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The number of weekends where I give myself eye strain headaches because I'm too lazy to clean my glasses on my day off is too damn high.

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Do I know anyone at IBM who could give me a breakdown on IBM COBOL for x86?

I've been reaching out asking how much a compiler license would cost for just me (to use for channel content) and I'm not hearing back.

Boosts welcome- I'd like to be able to grow the amount of COBOL devs out there a little bit.

It's not even YOUR music, is it, you just took advantage of contract law to claim exclusivity rights to its distribution and display even though that's a childish and impotent use of state-sponsored force that accomplishes nothing but making your own consumers miserable and resentful!

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God DAMN it, UMG, I pay taxes to keep your lawyers fat and happy! Stop preventing me from listening to your music and giving you ad revenue on Discord you greedy money-grubbing douchebags!

One of my pet peeves is when you have a data structure with some members that are connected in some way such that making a change to one must also cause changes to the other, and then you have to write a bunch of getter and setter functions for each of them that keeps all of those changes coordinates.

It's not (usually) difficult to do, but if you have a bunch of members that you need to coordinate in this way it just gets tedious. You feel me?

I got bored and decided to ask what its favorite levels are in classic first-person shooters via .

Pretty interesting how nothing quite looks right but it still nails the aesthetic.

I really don't appreciate how wearing my glasses doesn't improve my eyesight at all, and in fact makes using my computer slightly more irritating, but if I don't wear them I get eye strain headaches.

A friend of mine did a YouTube video a little bit ago about why the system doesn't work. It was informative but also oddly inspiring.

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Finished the #gamedev course I've been working a week ago, and today I put it on itch!

It's definitely a WIP, but I'm proud of finally making an FPS where I've written the entire engine.

Here's a fun little trailer I made for the course requirements (warning for kinda loud music):
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@mike's recent blog post mentioning old screenshots makes me suddenly wish I had backups from my Linux experiences twenty years ago.

So, I'd like to make a public request for your oldest FOSS screenshots.
Please reply here with alt text describing the programs seen, running, your setup/environment, etc, and put the year in the body/comment.

This should be hella fun.


#FOSS #LINUX #screenshotsaturday #Boost #GnuPlusLinux #Debian #Arch #Fedora #OpenBSD #FreeBSD #OpenSource

Just to clarify, I don't DISLIKE anime either, I just don't consider myself a fan of it in general. In my mind it's just a style of cartoon and manga is a style of comic book.

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I discovered that you can tell Twitter you're not interested in trending topics and I couldn't be happier.

"Donald Trump did -"
Don't care.

"The state of Georgia is -"
Don't need to know, don't live there.

"The war in Ukraine -"
Ah-ah-ah, fool me once...

"Please care about politics."
Never again.

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