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So I own two USB hubs, right, and both of them have started generating this issue where the devices I have connected to them randomly stop working or don't connect at all. This is an issue because I only have one USB port that they have to share.

I'm trying to find the drivers for these devices and one of them doesn't appear to have a manufacturer's website, the other has no driver downloads for its hub, and neither of them seem to advertise that they manufacture USB hubs.

What the fuck?

I wonder if I can fix this by replacing the hard drive and the motherboard... or maybe I can claim to have Bitcoin on it and the FBI will crack it for me.

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Man, I've got an old Dell Latitude I can't get into now because the hard drive and BIOS are both protected with separate passwords. In order to get into it I'm going to have to pay for customer service and provide proof of ownership. FML.

This is so frustrating because I have a bunch of passwords written down that I KNOW I used for this purpose but I guess I changed it and forgot.

Good thing this system isn't my daily driver anymore.

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I'm calling this now: The World Economic Forum will soon be talked about in the same breath as Hitler and Stalin in the list of great ideological mass murderers of historic significance. It might be next year, next decade, or fifty years from now, but it will happen.

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If parents would only realize how they bore their children.
-- G. B. Shaw

I watched Princess Mononoke yesterday and I noticed something really interesting for the first time.

When Ashitaka leaves his village, he passes under a torii, a Shinto gateway traditionally said to mark the passage to a holy place or the spirit realm.

You're probably familiar with the stylish orange torii typically seen in emoji sets ⛩️ but the one we see in the movie looks simpler and more old-fashioned.

Photo by N Yotarou. CC BY 2.5. See alt text for more information.

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Web designs like this are the reason Western society is failing.

Denying someone access to a work of art that they have purchased is an unconscionable blasphemy against the sanctity of life.

Art is the bedrock of culture, and access to art is necessary for the production of psychologically healthy people. The fact that society has accepted that art you've purchased access to can be denied on the basis that it is "digital goods" shows how far we have degenerated in our appreciation of the importance of our fellows.

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Godot Engine 4 now has a "Movie Maker Mode" (MMM?). It makes it easier to render out videos from your game by making sure no frames are dropped. It makes the game play in slow-motion, so you can also easily pretend to be way better at it than you really are! I only wish they would add custom video resolution so I can render 4K videos without having a 4K monitor... Or maybe it's already possible?

#GodotEngine #Godot #GameDev #IndieDev

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🍜~Ramen time~ 🍜

The latest #TechnicallyAChallenge theme is "Food" so I tried making some of these delicious-looking anime ramen ✨

It made me quite hungry making it, so I guess I did something right 👀

#unity3d #madewithunity #screenshotsaturday

For every niche, and for every subculture or fandom that fills that niche, there are equal and opposite normies.

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The word "normie" is a very relative term. Autistics use it to refer to non-autistics, people who are deep in a fandom use it to refer to people outside their fandom, &c

The interesting thing is that people use it like it isn't relative, like everyone agrees who the normies are. This is probably part of normal social behavior: people use jargon understanding that everyone who's "in the know" gets it, but it's funny how "normie" is so universal in this regard.

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Since I'm whining about the way people write online, if you see an article saying that Person X said Y, go to Person X's blog or social media feed and get it straight from them. Not every journalist is a liar, but most will embellish stories for better engagement.

The state of journalism these days is a shambles. The way we monetized the information superhighway is shameful. No one cares if anything is TRUE anymore, just whether it drives engagement. I don't have words for how sick it makes me.

If you want people to be confident that you know what you're talking about, you will do very well to learn how to convey information clearly and concisely. If your answers to simple questions look like randomly generated entity names in Dwarf Fortress no one's going to trust you.

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I'm really upset that people who write articles or writeups online have given up even pretending to be proficient at speaking English. I'm not saying that poor spelling or grammar makes you stupid, but if you want to impart information to other people, fucking do it properly.

I never really thought before how much modern society relies on customer reviews. I'm looking for a new office chair right now and I'm totally clueless about what qualities make a good chair, so I'm having to go by word-of-mouth from people who have previously used them.

So I was eggs in the basket and fumbled one of the eggs and I think I just invented the double egg basket.

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