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Found a 6-year-old unfinished roguelike game project of mine while moving old backups.

Exploring randomly generated places while fighting monsters will never get boring for me.


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This is worth sharing.

It's an animated GIF where every frame is a valid QR code that leads to the "Never Gonna Give You Up" rickroll.

That's kind of amazing.

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Ice cold water on a hot day is the most refreshing thing. Water drinkers of the world unite!

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Another addition! This time in ✨ 3D ✨

It needs polish, as you can see it has some weird frames in there. But a start is a start! #gamedev

Check out GIFMaker for #GodotEngine:

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In this thread: Classic #game intros that still drip with hype and fill you with #nostalgia. Feel free to contribute. Upscales will be used when available. Let’s begin.

Capcom VS SNK: Millenium Fight 2000

oh my god, I just realized that if a solar storm hits the Earth and our electrical networks get cucked all of the data that people were storing on "the cloud" is just GONE. I mean it'll probably still be on some hard drive somewhere but it will be inaccessible to the people that need it. Considering how much super vital data is stored on the cloud, that's probably in the top five most terrifying things I've ever thought of.

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Of course, pinebooks don't have branding on the back, and that means I get a free space to mess with heads.. maybe if passerby see this stenciled on the back they'll have a laugh.

Okay, brain, let me get this straight.

On days when I have a normal shift the next day and can stay up you get tired at 8 pm.

On days when I have to go to bed at 7, which we've done the same two days every week for three years, you don't get tired until 1 am and trigger panic attacks to stop me from getting any rest.


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Join our growing band of supporters around the world who are supporting the Aegean #cats on this tiny Greek island.
Please make a small donation today to fund vital medicines, neutering and food. Thank you. Purr!


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@swashberry @swashberry I work heavily off relational memory when I’m asked to visualize, so I try to bring to mind all the sensory details from a relevant memory since they help me complete the picture. That makes it easier both to recall and to composite, since my mind can think about how the senses interact in creating an object and about how things like light might affect something.

Part of that is something I’ve always done (the other senses part), and part of it was trained into me when I started drawing. The first formal assignment I got in drawing was ‘draw a box’ and the lesson accompanying it was that most people tend to draw their mind’s symbol for an object, in this case the typical mathematical cube you think of, instead of what their eye is actually relaying to them, the actual imperfections, folds, angles and perspectives of a box.

Okay I need to something, and this is going to sound like an insane question but it relates to . If you don't know what that is, don't look it up yet, but feel free to after you answer because it's quite interesting.

When asked to visualize something, like an object or a space, do you...

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modesty, n.:
Being comfortable that others will discover your greatness.

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Hope your Friday is going well, just an old picture of my cat doing push-ups

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Tech question, does anyone have any good beginner guides to #godot ?

Just going to put up some hash tags to help #godotengine #gamedev

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I wanted to have some sort of hose/mechanical tentacle legged enemy in Fist of the Forgotten. I thought I could use some splines and pass the data to a shader, but #GodotEngine 3 doesn't have a way to pass arrays to a shader. It *does*, however, let you create a texture and set that, which is basically an array! Colors show the texture generated by interpolating on the curve in this path. #gamedev

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Does anyone else remember a demo disc collection for DOS games that came in an aqua-colored case? They had games like CopySoft’s “Skunny: Save Our Pizzas”, and a bunch of weird graphical drawing demonstrations.

I remember playing them as a kid, but have no idea what collection it was. I’d love to revisit that weirdness sometime.

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