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Also: AAA big-name game titles work beautifully in Wine now. In fact, it's such a good experience at the high end that I don't even recognize that I'm using it. It feels native.

With experimental Mesa drivers on Wayland, I'm playing games like Cyberpunk 2077 at almost max settings (1080p, no raytracing) and the level of detail, fidelity, and smoothness is fucking mind-blowing.

Granted, Proton and Vulkan are doing most of the heavy lifting here, but it's legitimately shocking. I remember when Wine barely worked, and Linux game ports were incredibly shoddy.
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In addition to having a fantastic graphics card and processor, using a monitor with a high refresh rate makes a huge world of difference that I couldn't understand before.

There's a smoothness to every animation that makes my jaw drop. Even basic "snap to grid" window animations feel exquisite now.

Putting this all together with gaming is an experience that makes me want to joyfully cry out "I DIDN'T KNOW! I DIDN'T KNOW!"

Reading Google's style guides is like reading a treatise on the merits of transmutative alchemy.

I'm sure there's a reason why they're a million pages long, there's a lot of standardization you want to do so you can make sure everyone's code is compatible, but for fuck's sake I just want to get a general idea of naming schemes and shit.

Thought I'd give this a boost: This is collecting data for a thesis paper they're doing by gauging the player experience after playing a game they've designed.

It's not very long, and you don't have to pay if you don't want to, so if you want to participate in the study you can download it at the link below and it will take you to a quick questionnaire.

Only available on Windows, sorry.

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just spent like an hour repeatedly shining my phone's flashlight in my face to try to nail the exact colors in the afterimage i see after i shine my phone's flashlight in my face

If you download an indie game for free and you end up enjoying it, consider sending a tip to the developer, if they take them. Just send what you think it's worth. Making a video game, even a very simple one, is very difficult and time-consuming. Be a part of making someone's dream come true.

It's a shame that I'm not a super handy guy, because in another life I think I would have really enjoyed working at a hardware store. Lots of awesome tools to talk about and learn about.

Every once in a while I think I should go into computer repair for much the same reason, but alas I'm not too knowledgeable about computer hardware either. The closest equivalent for software would be IT, and I think I would end up in prison if I did IT.

I disagree slightly on the point about sexualization of clothes. I know that this author was just reporting the data on that particular point, rather than addressing it, but I think it's worth pointing out that the clothes that are considered sexy on a man aren't generally referred to as "sexualized." I think it would be hard to argue that a shirtless man wearing combat pants and boots would be considered very sexually appealing to most straight women.

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- There is little evidence linking video games to "toxic " or toward women.
- Moral panics and prejudice toward communities remain common.
- A new report repeats familiar patterns of and misinformation about games and gamers.
- Advocating for egalitarian representations of women in games is a worthwhile cause, but it must be undertaken honestly.

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“European Commission announced … follow-up legislation that will make the use of chatcontrol mandatory for all e-mail and messenger providers.”

Guess what isn’t covered by this? Yes, the Small Web. Is it time to take the idea that we could all own our own places on the Web and communicate with each other privately seriously? I think so, at least.

#smallWeb #individualSovereignty #personhood #humanRights #democracy #technology

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The thought occurred to me earlier today that I mostly just use my web browser to look up code documentation and check my bookmarked webcomics for updates. Even for e-mail I mostly use my phone now. In practice I do use my desktop browser to check Mastodon, but only because I want a graphical client and don't want to use my phone.

If I had a simple tool that was more optimized for reading webcomics I could theoretically replace my web browser with Lynx or something and never look back.

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Currently #fediverse is mainly a place for tinkerers, oppressed and censored. And this is not a good thing.

It exists as a reaction to bad trends much more than something positive in itself.

An alternative to Twitter,
an alternative to Facebook,
an alternative to Reddit.

A hotfix to social media's flaws that sacrifices a lot to get some things right.

How to change this?
What the media of the future should actually be like to be both likeable and user-respecting?

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While wiring together a #narrative for my robot characters, had an idea of a real-life #robot #theater.

I knew about (now defunct) MegaBots .inc giant mecha colosseum, and various smaller robot fighting competitions.

But as it turns out, robot theaters are also a thing!
Didn't find any on Peertube sadly, but here is some via Invidious.

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We just crossed 100 man-days of accumulated staff on call time. Neat!

On libera, `/stats p` shows the list of staff who are available to support you. It can be a good port of call if you need staff specific help.

The fastest way is usually #libera, but we understand that there are some questions that need an authoritative or privileged response.

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My VR adventure EYE OF THE TEMPLE hits Steam on October 14th!

Explore a vast and treacherous temple using your own body.
-🔊 check out the new trailer I've been working on
-💙 wishlist on steam
-🔁 every retweet so much appreciated!
#VR #indiedev

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PlayStation CEO nixes free cross-gen PS5 upgrades for good - Enlarge / Sony's new standardized cross-gen upgrade cost will be $10 for all firs... - #gaming&culture

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We released a pixely underwater platformer on Itch, Sunken Horrors! This was a team effort for which I made most of the graphics, and it's available for free, so if that sounds like your jam, give it a try!

#gamedev #indiegame #indiedev #platformer

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