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Happy * everybody!

* or depending on your time zone

It's been a while since I've had a screenie for you, but here's one from my new minigame for Minigame Madness, "Put on Pants!" In this game, you have to put on some f***ing pants!

You can play this and other minigames via the latest version of Minigame Madness, available here:

This isn't the stupidest thing I've ever done for but it is the most silly.

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1/ Talking with bitcoiners about ecoloy, I realize most people have very poor understanding of the issues at work (the survival of humanity in the medium term) and are buying into the myths/greenwashing of the industry that wants to keep selling us its crap 👇👇👇

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I think if you're in a situation where you need webassembly rather than javascript you're probably at the point where you should have a real program rather than trying to force your program into a webshit

So the default @godotengine export template, the one with all the 3D and other modules I'm not using for this project, produces a Linux binary that's about 40 megabytes in size.

I spent all day learning how to compile a custom export template that's optimized for size by excluding all of the stuff I don't use, and that produced a binary that's over 270 megabytes in size.

Instead of killing my brain trying to figure that out I'm gonna chalk this one up to an act of God.

hmmm, if I reset my @godotengine repository back to about 3.2.2-stable or something a platform appears in my list of available build targets.

It doesn't work; I presume that I'm missing some dependencies or maybe it was an experimental feature that didn't survive to 3.3-stable. It would be pretty cool if I could build games for Haiku, but unfortunately I don't know anyone who uses the platform, so I couldn't bully anyone into testing it for me.

Oh my god, the reason @godotengine wasn't compiling was because I had the Regex module disabled. The frigging Regex module!

I found an Issue related to this problem on their GitHub. I guess now I need to share my experience with it.

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I just wanted to highlight a group of student developers known as Pixel Train. They are making a free software 2D adventure game called "Student Quest". It is licensed with GPLv3.0 and is made with the open source Godot engine. They have a variety of ways one can donate to them if you like the work they are doing.

#FOSS #godot #gaming #liberapay

I'm not saying that should be done on bare metal or anything, but if you have a reasonably simple project that doesn't require a lot of bells and whistles then it might be worth your time to learn how to code it all by hand. It will take a lot longer and require you stretch your skills, but you'll get a much more optimized product than you would from just using a general-purpose game engine that contains a bunch of features you don't need.

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You know, between the third-party licenses I have to keep track of and the weird issue of imprecise collision detection, I wonder if it's not beneficial to avoid general-purpose game engines.

Obviously it's nice to not have to re-write code in-between projects, but no engine will run your game as optimally as one written specifically for that game, and you don't get pixel-perfect refinement unless you have full control over the core.

I guess this is to be expected with any kind of game engine especially a 3d-compatible one, but it never ceases to amaze me just how many code files relies on.

There are so many damn third-party dependencies in this system and so many individual code files that need to be checked, compiled, and linked, it's just crazy. My poor laptop, man.

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Screenshot of a dude wearing only a fig leaf. 

This is arguably not the *most* ridiculous thing I've ever drawn for a project, but it's definitely the thing that's made me feel the most silly... so far.

This minigame will be appearing in a future release of Minigame Madness soon. Maybe even before tomorrow, depending on how fast I commit and push my changes.

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Sometimes the best self care is doing that hard thing you've been putting off.

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I feel incredibly blessed that Pixelfed has grown so much over the past year.

Total users, posts and active users have doubled, and our project is among the top 5 most popular.

Though we haven’t had our viral moment like Mastodon or PeerTube, I’m confident that when we do, we’ll be ready.

I look forward to the next 3 years and beyond! 😁 #pixelfed #activityPub #Fediverse

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About releasing things into the wild. Was cleaning up my #github account and noticed I never set this to public: It's a project to replace the software running on the Tranz 330 family of POS terminals, turning them into nifty general purpose #z80 computers!

I will get back to this project after I complete some more #ISA cards...

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"Some probably proposed this and got shut down by the marketing team."

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