I hope that none of this sounded like I was condemning anyone in particular, because I'm aware that things are pretty heated politically right now, but that's sort of the problem. Everyone's too focused on politics and not enough on culture.

Speaking as someone who panics a lot: Don't panic. It's not your job to determine the fate of society. See to your own life; make it the best that you can. Build bridges rather than burning them, if you can help it. The rest will take care of itself. 4/4

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Everyone likes to think [insert issue] is a foregone conclusion, but it isn't.

If society is not evolving in the way you hoped it would, maybe that's because there's something that needs to be settled first. Maybe not everyone is on the same page. Maybe you're wrong. You won't know unless you look closely, and listen just as you wish others to listen. 3/?

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Rather than educating ourselves on the deeper implications of things, we tend to surface-level analysis and try to declare the rest based on only a limited understanding, which doesn't build stable societies. Mandating things does not help people understand their importance.

It's not the place of governments and thinktanks to tell you what is or is not ethical - that's something that needs to be concluded in the greater culture before it comes within the purview of law. 2/?

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At the risk of running afoul of my previous toot, I have some thoughts I'd like to explore.

I think a lot of the problems affecting our society these days stem from the West replacing the philosophical discussion of ethics with legalistic debates about permissibility.

Very often, it seems that people don't care whether something is right or wrong, only whether it is allowed, and the difference between those two things is very important. Understanding why something is right or wrong is key. 1/?

Life gets a lot easier when you mature enough to realize that you're not qualified to assess and dictate the politics of half a continent.

Play to your strengths, not your weaknesses. You're not a bad person for it and it's all anyone can realistically ask of you.

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I think it's interesting that , , and "-style" 3D graphics have become such an intrinsic part of modern culture. People still use these art styles, especially in and , and not just because they're efficient or easier to produce on a small budget.

Much like traditional forms of art like inkwash painting or totem poles, these styles of art have achieved legitimacy on their own merits because they're very good at conveying a specific aesthetic feel.

Hey, . It's easy to post screenshots & show off the visual part of . Tell me about your . What story are you trying to tell and how are you integrating it into your game? Why is the best way to convey the story you want?

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I really wish people would stop shutting down people who make their first step in the right direction for not immediately having made the second step too.

Please be kinder towards small steps. Any improvement is an improvement and even if it is not close to perfection yet it is worth celebrating.

Shutting people down because they haven't reached perfection yet just kills all motivation.

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easy download of a whole website for offline viewing?


I don't know about a whole website, but it would be nice for blogs or sites that feature articles to have a feature where you could download the text of an article without having to also save the whole webpage including style data and sidebars that you don't care about.

My brother's trying to figure out how he can go to some more conventions this year. I don't think I can afford the time off work yet, but hopefully next year I'll be able to find time to accompany him again, and maybe by then I'll have some stuff that's worth showing off myself. Maybe I'll inspire the same joy in people that I saw his work inspire.

And if not, that's alright too. If I'm lucky I'll still get to harass some famous animators or something.

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Going to help a vendor, rather than as just a patron, was also a nice shift in perspective. It's one thing to walk around looking at cool costumes or to find some sweet merch to buy, but it's quite another to watch people look over items that you're offering and see their eyes light up as they spot something they really appreciate. There's magic in those little moments where something you've done touches someone's life. It reminded me why I love the hobbies that I do.

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Going to a comic con has been a refreshing experience for me. It's been a while since I've been surrounded by such a litany of weirdos, all interesting and fun in their own unique ways.

For example, our table was just down the aisle from a dude who was selling models of fried eggs. I have no idea why, but this was his thing and apparently people liked it enough to stop by the table and actually buy them, and that's really special to me.

On behalf of customers everywhere, I sincerely apologize to the staff of this for whatever happened to make them put a coded keypad lock on their restrooms.

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My puzzle-game engine is progressing!

Graphics are very much placeholders still, but the chain rections kind-of work, a lot of fine-tuning still to be done.

#gamedev #development #bevy #rust #rustlang

Every time someone misreads "causal" as "casual" a little bit of my soul dies.

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Me: I'm gonna commit to eating responsibly and living healthier.
Also me: I feel like having two eggs in the basket today.

(To be fair to myself, though, it's hard to get much less healthier than breakfast cereal)

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