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Will do a late #screenshotsaturday today, so here's a preview:

Going back to a more 'Caribbean shoreline' while 'messing about in boats' most of the week. May do a blog post for the new gate/teleporter system, some of the new terrain changes, or new per component player UI stuff... was doing 2 new features a day for a bit. May do a video or stream sometime soon assuming there is time.

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We're jumping for joy because #ScreenshotSaturday is here again!

Show us something you've been working on below and spread the love.

💙 @Burbogoo

Original tweet : twitter.com/UnrealEngine/statu

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Strange European elevators without doors that travel in a loop. Considered by many to be very dangerous.


Happy !

Against my better judgement, I decided to start another project. This one required a different mapgen algorithm than normal, with rooms that are directly adjacent. I implemented this by recursively splitting rooms that are too large.

I haven't implemented doors yet because I'm still working on determining which rooms are adjacent. I'm still mulling over this one, which is why I haven't released the source yet.

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Low Bandwidth Matrix is coming... matrix developers may want to take a look at matrix.org/blog/2021/06/10/low and help us experiment and build it out :)

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Little question, does this site work for you? georgewashy.com

I'm now testing cache, minify etc..

It works for me, although hilariously when I click on the "don't save any information" button at the obligatory cookie prompt it asks me to confirm I want to opt out and then doesn't go away, presumably because it's not saving any data indicating that I've opted out.

I am using a couple of tracker blockers (uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger) so that might be the culprit.

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The weirdest thing about self-taught piano is that eventually, you just kind of figure out how songs go. All you really have to do is find the first note of a song on the piano layout, listen to it, then mentally derive how basic accompanyment might sound. Add a bit of detail, and for extra fun, try to play the chorus at the same time.

Songs I've reverse-engineered so far:
* Time of Your Life - Green Day
* In The Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel
* Wonderful World - Sam Cooke
* No Rehab - Local News Legend
* Desperado - The Eagles
* Für Elise (very basic) - Beethoven

I really hope I never become famous for anything. I'd like to think that most people who listen to me do so because they're interested in the things I have to say, rather than because I've been arbitrarily deemed an important commentator.

Today I tried to implement a function that would require the ability to format strings in C.

Also today, I lost my faith in the C standard and no longer believe that computers exist. Such illogical machines could only be a figment of one's imagination.

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"It's really hard to feel burned out when you can easily buy a high-end gaming PC every paycheck"

submitted by 1ByteIdiot

I must confess I quite like all of them, but I think C speaks to me the most.

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Which of my artworks would you like to see as a neck gaiter/bandana?:
A. Raring Ringtail
B. Quantal Quetzal
C. Disco Dingo
D. Wakeful Wolf
#art #illustration #mastoart

Sure do. Actually board games have been on the rise recently.

My brothers and I have been playing Cosmic Encounter when we have the free time, and my older brother is currently involved in a card game jam.

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Do people still play board-games with their family? On a real physical board (not wood) and not virtual/digital app?


Got a screenshot for you guys. This was to be a Pitfall-inspired minigame for Minigame Madness. I made the sprites using and just for fun I used the color palette.

Unfortunately I might have to veto it. Even though the platforming code is the same as in a previous minigame it doesn't work. I think it's because the assets are tiny. The window is 80x60 pixels

I pushed it to a branch on GitHub in case anyone wants a look:

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at this point how much wiser are you actually compared to just "Segmentation fault (core dumped)"? How much better equipped are you to solve the problems at hand with all this type info compared to your computer just telling you to go fuck yourself?

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