I've been playing and some variants for years and never noticed this adorable little <3 Don't know if it's exclusive to . This is why I love games.

Happy !

Against my better judgement, I decided to start another project. This one required a different mapgen algorithm than normal, with rooms that are directly adjacent. I implemented this by recursively splitting rooms that are too large.

I haven't implemented doors yet because I'm still working on determining which rooms are adjacent. I'm still mulling over this one, which is why I haven't released the source yet.

Working on translating a certain 8x8 bitmap font from bitmasks to pixels for this I'm working on.

I'm learning a lot about SDL today.

Awesome little article about level generation for using what looks like a recursive maze generator. It even has a little interactive sample generator embedded in the article! Pretty cool!


I finally have a proper level generator for my . It's much like most traditional maps, with rooms, twisty little passages, and mold growing on the walls. Sacrificing quantity of rooms for size was the right choice, I think; it will allow for more diversity in the maps as time goes on.

This game is of course and can be found at github.com/swashdev/SwashRL


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