Apparently is now one of those companies that has decided they have the authority to arbitrate on what is or is not misinformation and are starting to ban servers from their platform because of it.

If there wasn't a better argument for I don't know what it is. My friends in the movement are most likely going to get hit by this. A few of the techier guys are trying to convince them to migrate to now; we'll see how that goes.

A defendant's right to confront their accuser in Georgia courts is under threat, as a court has ruled that a witness who refuses to answer questions on the stand during a sexual assault trial can not be cross-examined.

"Our school systems are leaving boys vulnerable in the sense of having very few male teachers in elementary school and kindergarten. Boys often go from mother-only homes to female-dominated child care centers and elementary schools. Then we wonder why boys are vulnerable to gangs and to drug dealers to provide them a sense of belonging and reputation and respect."

Circumcision & MGM treatment recommendation. 

I just got a fresh six-pack of ManHoods today. These things are great because they protect a circumcised glans from abrasion and help to restore sensitivity and act as a retainer during foreskin restoration exercises. Highly recommended.

Unfortunately nothing can fully restore the function of an intact foreskin, so please remember that is and keep your son intact.

Say what you will about Amazon (I know some peeps don't like them) but I have to admire their integrity. You can still buy The Red Pill by Cassie Jaye on DVD, and stream it via Amazon Prime, despite the huge amount of controversy surrounding it and the movement in general.

A powerful testimony about the immeasurable trauma that comes about as a result of our society's habitual cutting of infant boys.

I just contributed a little bit to the to send Honey Badger Radio to Europe to attend a number of events and conferences!

Who are Honey Badger Radio? These fine guys 'n' gals:

I just want to show some love for female activists and those who discuss . Despite the media narrative that everyone in the are toxic or socially maladjusted men, the women in the movement play a very important role, and your work does not go unappreciated.

So thank you, ladies. Your selflessness is creating a better world both for men and for women.


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