Isn't it interesting that mannequins are such a trope in ? It's like they possess a very specific set of qualities that make them appropriate in a number of different scenarios and contexts absolutely regardless of whether or not they're thematically appropriate.

I got bored and decided to ask what its favorite levels are in classic first-person shooters via .

Pretty interesting how nothing quite looks right but it still nails the aesthetic.

Ruffle seems to be coming along nicely. There are a bunch of historical games and videos that were briefly completely unplayable, but a lot of them seem to be up-and-running now.

For those not in the know, Ruffle is a extension that converts ActionScript into so they can be played in modern browsers without needing an out-of-date Flash browser plugin. Website below if you'd like to contribute ;-)

In hindsight, Blinx: the Time Sweeper could be seen as a lesson in how a good gimmick doesn't necessarily make a good game.

What Blinx offered to the world of was time manipulation mechanics, which then went on to be tremendously popular and successful, but not enough to turn Blinx itself into the popular franchise its developers thought it would be.

I think it's interesting that , , and "-style" 3D graphics have become such an intrinsic part of modern culture. People still use these art styles, especially in and , and not just because they're efficient or easier to produce on a small budget.

Much like traditional forms of art like inkwash painting or totem poles, these styles of art have achieved legitimacy on their own merits because they're very good at conveying a specific aesthetic feel.

Hey, . It's easy to post screenshots & show off the visual part of . Tell me about your . What story are you trying to tell and how are you integrating it into your game? Why is the best way to convey the story you want?

I and my little band of misfits finally did Praetorium together! This is my first time and two of the rest of us were doing the new version for the first time, so this was a special occasion for all of us.

So glad we could play a game as awesome as together.

So have you guys played yet? It has a very generous free trial and the early game does a great job of acclimating you to the gameplay and setting. Definitely worth a look if you like RPGs and strong story-driven experiences.

I started out with a Miqo'te Archer. Archer's a good class for new players, very easy to understand if you're not used to MMOs and you want to take your time learning the various systems.

I've been playing and some variants for years and never noticed this adorable little <3 Don't know if it's exclusive to . This is why I love games.

What's your favorite genre of video/computer ? Obviously there's quite a variety out there, so feel free to specify.

I feel like it's video game law that all classical platformers have to have their most memorable music on the first stage.

Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, Shovel Knight...

I mean, sure, the reason people remember those tunes so fondly is that people play those first stages over and over and over again, but that's all the more reason the first stage music has to be REALLY GOOD.

Listen to this if you ever need a reminder that is a blossoming art form with a long and storied history and a legitimate place in modern culture.

Thought I'd give this a boost: This is collecting data for a thesis paper they're doing by gauging the player experience after playing a game they've designed.

It's not very long, and you don't have to pay if you don't want to, so if you want to participate in the study you can download it at the link below and it will take you to a quick questionnaire.

Only available on Windows, sorry.

If you download an indie game for free and you end up enjoying it, consider sending a tip to the developer, if they take them. Just send what you think it's worth. Making a video game, even a very simple one, is very difficult and time-consuming. Be a part of making someone's dream come true.

- There is little evidence linking video games to "toxic " or toward women.
- Moral panics and prejudice toward communities remain common.
- A new report repeats familiar patterns of and misinformation about games and gamers.
- Advocating for egalitarian representations of women in games is a worthwhile cause, but it must be undertaken honestly.

I'm really impressed with the sheer sense of scale I get from the mapgen in . These screenshots were taken in a world built using the v7 mapgen. I found a big-looking hill and put a single water source block at the top. It's astonishing how well this game does water flow.

does have large structures like this but for some reason I never got this sense of awe from them. This just feels GIGANTIC compared to Minecraft, and not just because it's physically bigger.

Just chillin' out, , hangin' out over the bottomless pit. Not a whole lot goin' on.


So I decided to try mining a nearby block to see if its texture would at least show up in the hotbar, you know, troubleshooting, and then I saw pic related.

The game had spawned me inside a tree.

Well-played, Game. You got me.

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