Screenshot of a dude wearing only a fig leaf. 

This is arguably not the *most* ridiculous thing I've ever drawn for a project, but it's definitely the thing that's made me feel the most silly... so far.

This minigame will be appearing in a future release of Minigame Madness soon. Maybe even before tomorrow, depending on how fast I commit and push my changes.

Soken from the team shares his struggle with cancer and how the overwhelming response from the community helped him to recover and keep working in spite of the pain.

The man is a goddamn hero.

Holy crap, a engine implementation for the . Very cool.

There's even a devlog explaining their process for implementing it.

Clever bastards.

Happy ! Figured I'd finally post something. Work has been tough, so I don't have anything glamorous to show you, but here's the tenth of twenty minigames I intend to include in Minigame Madness.

This is the first time I've really messed with particle physics. It's not really anything special but I think it really makes the game come together.

You can download Minigame Madness or find a link to play online at the GitHub release here:

Drew DeVault wrote a pretty comprehensive guide to releasing video games as or .

(personally I prefer public domain or permissive licenses but he's entitled to his opinion)

I was looking for podcasts and found one called Infinite Ammo that looked really promising. Then I found out one of the hosts was Alec Holowka. Now I'm really sad.

can stop me from buying but they can't stop me from giving my custom. Not even with a lockdown in effect.

Former developer Julian LeFay just released a video for discussing the plans for the faction and reputation system in their upcoming , .

Adam Engels of Crowbar Collective reminisces about his entry into the industry and provides a little insight into the struggles behind .

Remember folks, don't let your dreams be dreams. .

VVVVVV has gone in celebration of its tenth anniversary.

I forgot this game even existed, to be honest, so this is quite the blast from the past.

Do you remember when was something that brought people together rather than creating division?

I do.

AFK Arena's advertising has become so aggressive they're trying to cater to furries. I remind you this is a game whose primary selling point is that it rewards you for not playing it.

What even IS mobile anymore?

Fewer users were on by percentage in July than June, according to statistics gathered by Valve.

I think this is ultimately down to Linux users being more likely to play the kind of games that don't rely on servers. It's just not a part of the Linux ecosystem ime. Having said that, I have enjoyed some games on Steam myself, when my system let me.

By the by, this is a service provided by that Kashkin chap who got blocked by GitHub over a trade sanction. I don't use it myself but it looks pretty damn nifty. Thank God he has other repositories.


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