So apparently the Anti- open letter is no longer open. A bunch of people asked to have their names taken off, so the repository has been locked down and can no longer be changed.

What a bunch of cowards, am I right?

A friend of mine showed me this part of the blog post for 03-30 of this year. Leah Rowe has scrapped the project's CoC (the Contributor's Covenant) and thoroughly demolished ethical source licenses and their originator, Coraline Ada Ehmke.

Good for you, Leah. Rock the fuck on. Free means free.

This line in particular stood out to me:

"If membership in would imply anything about political opinions, this could get some of our members into untenable positions where I would be worried about their safety."

We should all be so wise.

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I have to say, actually, the mailing list entry provided actually strengthens my faith in and the community in general. To judge contributors and their work on their own merits and refuse to discriminate on political leanings shows tremendous strength of character, especially in this political climate where is prevalent.

Obligatory disclaimer: Obviously I don't support Nazis, I just don't support blanket political censorship.

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I like how the term has officially become a "thing." I'm pretty sure it was intended as a method of tarring the giants' competitors as being havens for the , but in the process they've created a catchy and effective name to call those competitors by while simultaneously informing people that they're relatively low on , more focused on privacy, and virtually ad-free.

Join us on the alt-tech! There's some wonderful and intelligent people here!

child sexual abuse 

is allegedly refusing to remove child porn from their platform.

This is despite controversially trying to remove pornographic content from their platform, engaging in massive campaigns, and openly promoting campaigns like .

I don't normally do platform drama but if you're still on Twitter and looking for an excuse to leave, I can hardly think of a better one. Let fail.

I haven't tooted about in a while, but this article crossed my radar. Apparently is going to be pushing for a decentralized model by implementing as of version 1.19.

I haven't really been a strong advocate of Brave, but with the recent glut of in major outlets this might be an accessible means of to help get people thinking about an independent and free Internet. Fingers crossed!

are engaging in massive political resulting in an influx of users to independent & federated platforms like , , and other federated services. The call for is louder than ever. People are tired of their and their opinions being curated by media companies with politicians in their pockets.

The Internet is changing, and with it will society.

This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but a bookmark

There's a serious threat to Internet brewing in Germany.

Shit like this is why so many people are growing increasingly critical of the left wing and liberal media, because they promote ridiculously broad hate speech legislation and then this happens. Congrats, now we're living in a police state and who that affects is completely arbitrary.

Remind me again why so few EU states have protections!

By the by, this is a service provided by that Kashkin chap who got blocked by GitHub over a trade sanction. I don't use it myself but it looks pretty damn nifty. Thank God he has other repositories.


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