Happy everybody! This one's pretty simple. A I follow on birdsite told me that I should focus on making smaller projects I can complete in a week, so this one's a Snake clone that runs in the console. I'm actually pretty happy with how much I've done in only two days.

The current development build is available on my GitHub if any of y'all want to try it out!

I got bored and decided to ask what its favorite levels are in classic first-person shooters via .

Pretty interesting how nothing quite looks right but it still nails the aesthetic.

I would love if I could plug in my keyboard and my mouse at the same time. That would be super duper awesome. Maybe one day computer technology will progress so far that we will be able to handle this technical marvel without having to buy a FUCKING USB C ADAPTER THAT NEVER EVER WORKS PROPERLY GOD DAMN MOTHER FUCKING SON OF A BITCH

I watched Princess Mononoke yesterday and I noticed something really interesting for the first time.

When Ashitaka leaves his village, he passes under a torii, a Shinto gateway traditionally said to mark the passage to a holy place or the spirit realm.

You're probably familiar with the stylish orange torii typically seen in emoji sets ⛩️ but the one we see in the movie looks simpler and more old-fashioned.

Photo by N Yotarou. CC BY 2.5. See alt text for more information.

Web designs like this are the reason Western society is failing.

So I was eggs in the basket and fumbled one of the eggs and I think I just invented the double egg basket.

I and my little band of misfits finally did Praetorium together! This is my first time and two of the rest of us were doing the new version for the first time, so this was a special occasion for all of us.

So glad we could play a game as awesome as together.

What the fuck is happening to my Amazon.com recommendations?

It looks like everyone's sharing right now. Might as well share this thing I did for a project I haven't released yet.

I've been playing and some variants for years and never noticed this adorable little <3 Don't know if it's exclusive to . This is why I love games.

Here are the sheets for the characters in this project. The designs here are pretty simple, but I'm pretty happy with what I managed to knock out.

The peasant's animations required a little more effort than I was anticipating, because his walk cycle doesn't sync up with the candle flickering, hence why he has more animation frames than the player character.

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Happy ! It's been a while since I've had something to show y'all, but I've been working tirelessly on this little interactive adventure. I've learned a bunch about working with lighting and NPCs already, but I'm super excited for some of the stuff I have planned for this project.

I found a hack for types wanting to make games on .

When creates shadows it will use vectors, which totally screws up the pixelated look of the game. For pixelated shadows what you want to do is set your ViewportContainer's Stretch property to true and then increase the Stretch Shrink property. This will reduce the resolution of everything inside the container, thus pixelating everything.

Doesn't seem to behave when resizing the window, though. See images.

Something I really dislike about the way the works is that it has a bad habit of putting huge single-line blocks of data in its files. It's generally fine for user-facing purposes, but it makes source repo software like absolutely shit itself.

Because this is all being stored as one line, every time I modify this tile map and commit my changes, HUGE amounts of data have to be rewritten. I MIGHT be able to fix this by hand, but I shouldn't need to.

Working with tile maps in is pretty funky. In this example, the "ground" tile randomly chooses between four different sprites as you draw them, but they update when an adjacent tile is updated, resulting in this weird behavior where the tiles change as I draw walls around them.

#covid #covid19 #furry #fursuit #mask 

I think this should be a sign that we've officially taken this mask thing too far.

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