I feel like the price of audio CDs has massively inflated while I wasn't looking. A fresh copy of Symphony of Enchanted Lands, which isn't even out-of-print, goes for about $200 USD on TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS! Are they making these CDs out of solid gold now‽

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@swashberry I feel like CDs big selling point was portability and durability relative to tapes in the setting of a hot car, and their sales and popularity peaked in the era where portable players got decent and cheap, and car stereos typically included a player just to check a box.

@swashberry Maybe it's specific to certain artists/bands. I'm still regularly buying CD albums for $10-20.

I think it must be. I know some albums are only available as imports these days, and unfortunately my interests seem to disproportionately favor such albums. Eurobeat is a frustrating addiction.

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