I don't understand how it's even a controversial point that the IRS is a protection racket.

If any other organization that employs agents authorized in the use of deadly force threatened to seize your property and shut down your businesses because you failed to cough up some cash you owe them for dubiously supplying some vague services you didn't ask for and don't use, you would be able to call the police and have them arrested.


At least gangsters are SOMEWHAT subtle with their bullshit. With the government every time I try to describe it I think of the vogons from Hitchhiker's Guide saying "Mister President, we are here for your protection" and immediately opening fire on everything that moves.

And if you think that's even remotely an exaggeration, look up Ruby Ridge. Seriously.

@swashberry Excuse me that woman's baby looked suspiciously like a like a sawed off shotgun (that we definitely didn't entrap her husband into making).

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